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Has Brock Lesnar started anti-doping tests?


Has Brock Lesnar started anti-doping tests?

cvnfhrt6ty - Has Brock Lesnar started anti-doping tests?If there is one thing that is clear about Brock Lesnar’s situation both in relation to his future in WWE and his future in UFC, it is that he should start the anti-doping tests this month if he wants to return to the octagon in 2018.

There has not been any indication that the Universal Champion has gone to work with USADA (United States Anti-Doping Agency). But this is what Bryan Alvarez, editor of Figure Four Weekly, says in Wrestling Observer Live :

“So far, there is 0 news that Lesnar is in the USADA test group. The last UFC event this year will be on December 29, so if you do not start testing today, you can not fight in 2018.

“Now, USADA, to the best of my knowledge and understanding, will not reveal when a combatant enters the test group. The fighter himself must make the announcement himself and I do not think Brock says he is doing the tests.

“Although there is a web page where you can see who is doing the tests. Virtually all the names are there. It is possible that Brock is ( does not appear in 2018 ), we simply do not know. As far as I know, he’s not doing the tests. “

We will have to see what happens, but it is still talking about “The Beast” could appear on July 7 at UFC 226 to challenge the winner of the fight for the World Heavyweight Championship which will play Stipe Miocic against Daniel Cormier.

Maybe Lesnar is thinking of fighting again in early 2019, so he would have more time to do the tests. For now, this is all we know. We will see what’s new soon.

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