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Hornswoggle was Never Eliminated From the Greatest Royal Rumble


Hornswoggle was Never Eliminated From the Greatest Royal Rumble

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Braun Strowman proclaimed himself the winner of the Greatest Royal Rumble. Entering 41st place eliminating a total of 13 participants, including Bobby Lashley, Kevin Owens and Big Cass. After 22 minutes and 14 seconds over the ring, the giant won in the great event of Saudi Arabia.

We dare to guess that this victory will be one more argument to win a new opportunity for the Universal Championship. We will have to see what happens on Monday.

Now we talk about Hornswoggle, which was one of the surprises of the event. The Irishman appeared as one of the participants of the field eliminating Dash Wilder and holding a total of five minutes and ten seconds over the ring. It was Tony Nese with the help of Dolph Ziggler, who eliminated him.

It seems that there is no problem but Shane Helms has taken care to mention a detail that implies that the Irish was not really eliminated.

And it is true because the fighter went over the first rope to climb the corner something he could not do after Ziggler’s attack staying out of the ring because he never came back to enter. In this way, the Cruiserweight fighter never eliminated it.

It is worth mentioning that in 2008 a Mini Royal Rumble was made at the company in which, among others, the Irish fighter participated. In this case, eliminations were made simply by leaving the ring regardless of the rope. It could be thought that with respect to him this rule was maintained in the recent campaign. However, it is not like that because it is not the first time that Hornswoggle participates in a field, and was always eliminated above the third string.

You have to remember that something similar happened at the Royal Rumble ’97, as Mil Mascaras supposedly eliminated himself by throwing himself out of the ring on Pierroth but before climbing the tensioners, Mil went to the eyebrow passing under the third rope, so it really was never eliminated.


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