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How to Start an Outdoor Workout Routine

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How to Start an Outdoor Workout Routine

Having an alternative for the gym is definitely worth considering, and recent events have proven it. Whether you are unable to go to the gym, for various reasons, or you simply want to be in nature more often, starting an outdoor workout routine can help you in many different ways. It’s better for your overall health, and it can be better than the gym for staying in shape.

Doing some light exercise in the nearby park is something that a lot of people are familiar with, but not that many people exercise in a completely natural environment. Since most of us are so used to what gyms have to offer, it’s difficult to imagine that there are also completely natural ways to stay in shape. However, that is actually what is best suited for the human body.

Here are some simple steps that will help you start a successful workout routine in a natural setting.

Find the right location and use natural equipment

Ideally, you should go as far away from the city as possible. You want to have fresh air, plenty of space, and a lot of natural elements which can be used as equipment. You can even do this on vacation. Get in your RV and find a spot where you can relax and also do your workout. Having an RV GPS is helpful, and you can check out these reputable brands for comparison.

The ideal natural setting for an outdoor workout routine should have an even surface and various elements, such as trees and rocks. Grass and sand are best because they allow different movements, such as jumping and pushing. Tree trunks are great for support, and rocks of various sizes act as weights, which makes them great for a natural weightlifting routine.

Pack essential items

If you are serious about starting an outdoor workout routine, you need to plan your trip and make sure you pack everything that you might need. When you go outdoors instead of going to the gym, you also have to consider what items you would normally need for a good workout.

Make sure your phone is charged, and you might also want to bring an external charger. You could listen to some music while you workout or even follow an online routine. A mat is also useful, in case the surface is too rugged or dirty. And don’t forget about a towel, you will need it after such an intense workout.

As far as actual workout gear, less is more in this case. The idea is to be creative and use natural elements in your surroundings as gym equipment. For a more intense workout, you could pack some rope and elastic bands. They are great for mobility training and take very little space when you are traveling.

Combine various workouts

One of the great advantages of working out outdoors is that you have a lot of space and privacy. This makes it easier to experiment and try out some new things. If you were used to going to the gym and doing the same routine over and over, now is the time to be more flexible and combine different types of workouts.

High-intensity interval training is the best type of exercise that you can do in a natural environment because it doesn’t require extra gear, and it doesn’t take long. For even better results, alternate HIIT with strength training and mobility training.

You can also include cardio in your outdoor workout routine. Jogging, cycling, and hiking are all great options for the outdoors. Plus, they are fun for the whole family.

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