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Is the return of Dean Ambrose postponed?


Is the return of Dean Ambrose postponed?

zbdsg43fg - Is the return of Dean Ambrose postponed?The popularity of Dean Ambrose despite declining a bit in recent seasons is still one of the biggest that any WWE Superstar has. Hence, at the end of May, the mere news of his new haircut will reap an enormous amount of visits and comments as it might mean that a competitive return is imminent.

And it seems that it meant a good indicative, because just two semes later we reported that Dean Ambrose was already training in the Performance Center. All this, spiced up with rumors that it could even position itself as a new challenger to the Universal Championship.

But remember that all injuries, especially those involving WWE, must be taken with an asterisk because the company also tries to surprise and carry out returns earlier than expected.

We do not know what to expect at the moment in the case of Ambrose, because some recent words of Seth Rollins, who is becoming his particular spokesman, suggest that a return to the ring would still be far away. During an interview with Asbury Park Press, “The Architect” said the following.

“Dean’s good, man, he’s on the mend,” Rollins said. “He’s on his way back. Hopefully, sometime before the end of the year, we’ll see Dean Ambrose on WWE television again.”

A step back in his previous statements, where he said we would see Ambrose compete again this summer and that hint two options: that WWE wants to catch us off guard and finally appears in SummerSlam, or that the recovery is slower than expected.


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