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Jason Jordan’s Situation Gets Even More Complicated

Jason Jordan's Situation Gets Even More Complicated


Jason Jordan’s Situation Gets Even More Complicated

Image Credit: WWE

Jason Jordan’s Situation Gets Even More Complicated

When it seemed he would return at any moment to the strikers. it was confirmed that Jason Jordan’s neck injury was more serious than previously thought and even that he had started working as a WWE producer in view of what might happen.

While, as we saw saying some weeks ago, has a new role in the company as a producer. This is, as far as possible, good news for what may happen to his injury. If he finally cannot fight again at least he knows how to do something else. And that’s precisely what Mike Johnson said about it in the recent PWInsider Elite Audio:

” There is not a timetable for Jordan to return to the ring if he does. That is why they have put him to work as a producer behind the scenes. Apparently, his neck is much worse than previously thought. “

According to the journalist’s words, there is a possibility that Jordan will never return to the strings as a fighter. If so, yes could perhaps appear to make a farewell or perhaps with another type of role. But not to fight. It is worth mentioning that it is not official information, so we will have to wait and see what happens.

No doubt it would be a very tough suit for Jordan as he was just beginning his career. We assume that it will be going through a bad time despite having another role. But before the doctors actually confirm something, it is best not to advance events. We will wait for the official news.

The truth is that in some cases a recovery is not about weeks or months, but about years. You may have to spend a lot of time outside the strings before you can return. But if he finally can, if he finally resumes his career as a fighter, it will have been worth every minute.


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