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John Cena confirms his presence at Wrestlemania 35


John Cena confirms his presence at Wrestlemania 35

John Cena will be at Wrestlemania 35, on April 7, 2019, at the Metlife Stadium in New York. The former world champion has just confirmed his presence in the great WWE event in an interview made by children of The Today Show program of SiriusXM Radio. During the interview, they asked him about his participation, which Cena himself has confirmed.

“Where will WrestleMania 35 be made? In New York, I’m here right now, right? Would you like to see me at WrestleMania 35? Then you know what, how you want to see me there, I’ll go, do not miss it for anything in the world. We’re going to be at Wrestlemania 35. “

John Cena has also been asked about his toughest opponent and took the opportunity to send a message saying he wants to face the strongest at Wrestlemania 35.

“You know a superstar named Brock Lesnar, if you know him, he’s big, he’s bad and it ‘s easily the toughest fight I’ve ever had, the best thing about having a fight with Brock Lesnar is that you’re always nervous and you’re always scared because He is stronger than everyone, but you are still brave enough to enter his game. “

Taking advantage of this question, Cena sent a message about his rival at Wrestlemania 35: ” I want the strongest, I want to face the best and I want it because I know I can with him. I’m going to get very serious with this fight, I want to win in New York again”.


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