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Lucha Underground July 18, 2018 Results

Lucha Underground July 18, 2018 Results


Lucha Underground July 18, 2018 Results

Lucha Underground July 18, 2018 Results

The program begins with a review of the chapter from last week. Where four medallions were in play to qualify for the Gift of The Gods Championship. Mil Muertes and Cage starred in a brutal battle for one of the medallions that left the fans speechless.

In tonight’s episode, Cage will have the chance to fight for the Lucha Underground title against Pentagon Dark in the main event. In addition, Johnny Mundo will face Vibora and we will have news of the Gift of The Gods Championship with a spectacular real battle to determine who would not be in the fight next week.

Dezmond X defeats Paul London in the first match of the night. It’s Dezmond’s debut in LU and also the return of London with his band, The Rabbit Tribe. First part dominated by London that prevented demonstrating the qualities of his rival. But as it went on, Dezmond X used his arsenal of jumps and spectacular moves to defeat him with a roll-up.

Antonio Cueto appears to congratulate Dezmond X for being the final competitor for the Gift Of The Gods fight next week. Cueto said that next week will be epic because of all the fighters who will be in the fight.

Then it was time for everyone to leave and place their Ancient Aztec Medallions in the places they occupy in the title. Dragon Azteca Jr, King Horn, Ivelisse, Dezmond X, Son Of Havoc, The Mack, and Thousand Deaths went down, placed their medallions in the title and got into the ring. Cueto gave a surprise and announced that there will not be seven fighters, but six and that the winner of the real battle will choose who goes out.

The Mack wins the Royal Battle of The Gift of the Gods. Mil Muertes started strong eliminating Dezmond X, King Horn and Ivellise. But suddenly, Son of Havoc and The Mack, champions by trios of LU, they took it and they eliminated it. They both stayed in the ring staring at each other, but in a gesture of solidarity and team, Havoc left the rope to eliminate himself.

Antonio Cueto appears again and asks the winner who will not be in the fight next week. The Mack explains that he would love that many of those who are out of here, although he would not mind kicking everyone’s butt, if he had to choose one, that would be Mil Muertes. Mil Muertes will not be in the fight for the title of The Gift of The Gods.

Vibora defeats Johnny Mundo. Combat very moved with many interventions of Taya and Kobra Moon to favor their respective companions. Good moves, many spots and other interventions like those of Drago and Daga, which ended with a Chokers from Vibora to win. Lucha Underground leaves angry and attacked by the rest of the fighters.

We go to a segment in the backstage where Jack Evans is in the dressing room and Ricky Mundo appears with his doll to tell him not to follow Johnny Mundo anymore, to which Evans leaves since he does not want to talk. The doll begins to tell things to Ricky so that he keeps turning more against Johnny Mundo.

Pentagon Dark defeats Cage to RETAIN the Lucha Underground Championship. Combat in which there has been everything and the effort of both fighters has been demonstrated both inside and outside the ring. When Cage seemed to have the victory with electric chair drop and a facebuster, Pentagon left the account to flipping piledriver and then the piledriver package to win.

After the fight, Pentagon showed the title to Cage and then tried to break his arm, but Cage with all his strength threw him out of the ring. Cage said it is a machine and that no one could break his arm.


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