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Lucha Underground July 25, 2018 Results

Lucha Underground July 25, 2018 Results


Lucha Underground July 25, 2018 Results

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Lucha Underground July 25, 2018 Results

Matt Striker and Vampiro make the usual presentation with Metalachi playing in the background. Striker reminds us that tonight a new Gift Of The Gods champion will be crowned.

– Jake Strong defeated Sammy Guevara in the first match of the night. Strong carried the weight of the fight until it moved to ringside. At one point, Guevara climbs to the top of one of the stairs that give access to the upper tier and throws himself on Strong with a Moonsault. Back in the ring, Strong surprises with the Ankle Lock to take the victory by submission.

Once the fight is over, Strong continues to apply the key and force, causing Guevara’s ankle injury.

– Matanza Cueto defeated Vinnie Massaro. Before starting, Antonio Cueto makes his appearance to evaluate the work of Massaro. Cueto says that since Vinnie’s performance in Aztec Warfare he wanted to … ask for a pizza, with pineapple. Actually, Cueto wants to make a sacrifice to the gods and presents Matanza to destroy him. Kill dominates and wins by the count of three after applying the powerslam on the pizza.

After the fight, the dealer wants to charge and removes Vinnie’s wallet. Killing ends the scene by applying a Chokeslam on the dealer. Then, he places it on top of Vinnie and Cueto makes them disappear with his powers.

– Dezmond X, Dragon Azteca Jr, and King Horn defeated Son Of Havoc, Ivelisse and The Mack in a tag team match. Before starting the fight, Cueto reappears and announces that a team match will be held that will decide three opponents who will fight for the Gift of The Gods. The fight ended when Horn applied The Thrill Of The Hunt on Son of Havoc to take the victory by the count of three.

Before starting the final fight, Mil Muertes appears and knocks out The Mack. Son of Havoc tries to stop his feet but Killshot appears and hits Thousand Deaths, who manages to rekindle and hit Killshot before leaving.

– The Aztec Dragon defeated King Horn and Dezmond X in the final match of the show to become the new Gift Of The Gods champion. The fight moved to ringside and the three participants performed very interesting maneuvers. The most interesting spot came when Dezmond X placed himself on top of the entrance door and jumped on his two opponents. Finishing, the Aztec Dragon pounces on Dezmond in the corner and endorses the flipping powebomb to take the victory.

Before finishing, they show Marty ‘The Moth’ Martinez sleeping when he is awakened by Mariposa, who throws water at him. Mariposa tells him that he should focus not on breaking teeth on Pentagon Jr. but on winning the Lucha Underground Championship.


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