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Lucha Underground June 13, 2018 Results: Pentagon Dark retains his title


Lucha Underground June 13, 2018 Results: Pentagon Dark retains his title

Lucha Underground June 13, 2018 Results: Pentagon Dark retains his title

The show begins with a review of what happened in Lucha Underground 3. The Gauntlet of the Gods that was stolen by King Horn, The Mack with Killshot and Dante Fox became Champions of Trios, the coronation of Pentagon Dark and the death of Dario Cueto.

In the wake of Dario Cueto, Antonio Cueto and Agent Winter meet. Winter tells him that after the death of Dario at the hands of gang members, the Temple of Boyle Heights can no longer be used. Antonio says he has an old place where he organized fighting before, and that as long as they have the seal of the ring, the Temple will be there. Winter warns against making the same mistakes as your son, and do not forget that the fight is a facade for your true goals. Antonio, looking at the corpse of his son, says that Dario made a lot of mistakes and was always the weak one.

In the new temple, the show begins with 10 strokes for Dario which are interrupted by Antonio Cueto. “The only thing colder than this old deposit is this public,” he says before introducing himself. “I am the new owner and promoter of Lucha Underground, this is my temple!” he screams as he throws Dario’s box. “Tonight there are chances to crown a new champion, Pentagon Dark will defend his title in a match that despite what my son said, I invented: Aztec Warfare, and start now,” Cueto shouts before a Temple that cheers him.

The Mack and Killshot ring out. Antonio Cueto says that the Trio Champions will be part of the match, but as Dante Fox is lost in action, the next to enter will be his teammate, Son of Havoc. Now Son of Havoc is Champion of Trios next to them, and the three start the fight.

Pentagon Dark wins the Aztec Warfare IV to retain the Lucha Underground Championship.

During the first few minutes, the Trio Champions dominate the fight until Killshot surprises Mack with a pin. The first surprises of the night are Mr. Pectacular and Tommy Dreamer, who enters the seventh place before a huge ovation from the “believers”. Dreamer uses various objects such as chairs, a trash can and kendo sticks. Tommy puts tacks in the audience but it is he who falls on his back after struggling with Pentagon and then be eliminated in the ring.

Hernandez makes his return to Lucha Underground in the tenth position and faces with Pentagon Dark. However, it does not last long since the champion breaks his arm and eliminates it. In the twelveth place Angelic should leave, but instead, Ricky Mundo, who comes out with a toy doll burned and terrifying. Ricky is distracted watching his wrist, Johnny catches his attention. Ricky tries to eliminate Johnny but ends up being eliminated by him.

Thousands of Deaths charge everyone when they enter but the fighters join and eliminate him. Katrina is upset. Next comes Daga, accompanied by Kobra Moon. King Horn receives a big ovation when entering and dominates the fight. Kobra Moon book with Vibora, who attacks Johnny Mundo for having eliminated Daga. Piledriver from Vibora to Mundo, that “The Moth” takes advantage as soon as he enters to eliminate the former champion.

Pentagon, King Horn, “The Moth” and Chavo Guerrero are the last four. Chavo attacks Horn in the back when he loaded Pentagon, applies the Gory Bomb and removes it. Pentagon quickly eliminates Chavo then, leaving him alone with Marty. “The Moth” dominates the champion at times, looks for the account with the Curb Stomp but it is not enough. Finally, Pentagon connects a Package Piledriver for victory.

Finished the combat, Pentagon Dark it breaks the arm to Marty “The Moth” Martinez. Antonio Cueto goes out to congratulate him for retaining the title. He says that Dario Cueto would now defend his title in another fight, but he is a better promoter than his son. So next week, Pentagon Dark will defend the championship in a more violent combat than it has today. Pentagon Dark will face Matanza Cueto .

1. Killshot
2. The Mack
3. Son of Havoc
4. Joey Ryan
5. Mr. Pectacular
6. Pentagon Dark
7. Tommy Dreamer
8. Butterfly
9. Vinnie Massaro
10. Hernandez
11. Johnny Mundo
12. Ricky Mundo
13. Fenix
14. Jeremiah Crane
15. Thousand Kills
16. Dagger
17. Chavo Guerrero Jr.
18. King Horn
19. Aztec Dragon Jr.
20. Marty “The Moth” Martinez

1. The Mack
2. Joey Ryan
3. Killshot
4. Mr. Pectacular
5. Butterfly
6. Tommy Dreamer
7. Vinnie Massaro
8. Hernandez
9. Son of Havoc
10. Ricky World
11. Thousand Kills
12. Jeremiah Crane
13. Fenix
14. Dagger
15. Johnny World
16. Dragon Azteca Jr.
17. King Horn
18. Chavo Guerrero Jr.
19. Marty “The Moth” Martinez


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