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Lucha Underground June 20, 2018 Results


Lucha Underground June 20, 2018 Results

Lucha Underground June 20, 2018 Results

Catrina appears from nowhere and speaks of the Gauntlet Of The Gods. King Horn said he hid the Gauntlet of the Gods because even he knows that some trophies are too dangerous, and therefore he can not allow someone to overthrow the Aztec tribes. Horn revealed that he gave it to someone for safekeeping and that he does not know where he hid it. Catrina says she needs the Gauntlet to become human.

– The Mack, Killshot and Son Of Havoc defeated Infamous Inc (Big Bad Steve, Sammy Guevara and Jake Strong) to retain the Lucha Underground Trios Championship. Finalizing, The Mack applies the Stunner on Big Bad Steve and Son of Havoc finishes it with Shooting Star Press to obtain the victory by the account of three.

Once the fight is over, Jake Strong returns to the ring and hits his partners, including Famous B, who ended up receiving the ankle lock.

Antonio Cueto appears and says that one of his son’s concepts was brilliant: The Gift Of The Gods. He announces that they are beginning the process to crown a new Gift Of The Gods champion. The next match would have the first medallion in play.

– Dragon Azteca Jr defeated Drago in a match in which Kobra Moon was intervening from ringside. At one point, Drago managed to take the mask off DRagon Azteca Jr., but he put it on again. Finishing, Azteca managed to connect a flipping pinning bomb to take the victory by the count of three.

Johnny Mundo makes his appearance after the fight and distracts Kobra Moon so that Taya Valkyrie can apply the spear.

Catrina appears before Antonio Cueto and says she is trapped between the world of the living and the dead. He wants Phoenix inside a coffin so he asks Antonio Cueto for a Grave Consequences style match between Fénix and Mil Muertes for next week.

– Pentagon Dark defeated Matanza Cueto in the main event to retain the Lucha Underground Championship. The fight began at ringside before the watchful eye of Antonio Cueto, who was watching his son fight. Finishing, Pentagon manages to connect a flipping piledriver, jumping from the corner, another one and finally the package piledriver to take the victory by the count of three.

After the combat, Pentagon Dark tries to break Matanza’s arm, but Antonio Cueto manages to free his son. When Matanza left with his father. he called it useless.

Later, Jeremiah Crane enters Antonio Cueto’s office and asks him to join the Grave Consequences between Fénix and Mil Muertes. Antonio Cueto grants him the wish.


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