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Kevin Owens renewed contract with WWE until 2023

Kevin Owens renewed contract with WWE until 2023


Kevin Owens renewed contract with WWE until 2023

During the last hours, it has been reported that Kevin Owens, who is on leave due to an operation that took place on October 16, would have renewed his contract with WWE until the year 2023. The medium that has disseminated this information is the Wrestling Observer, through its radio program.

Owens went through surgery to repair a problem in both of his knees. Before the operation, the extent of the injuries was not known, and once it was operated, it was known that the damage to the left leg was more serious than expected. Even so, he did not need a total reconstructive surgery on any of the knees, something that would have multiplied the recovery time.

The wrestler was removed from television because he had dragged problems on his knees for several weeks and WWE decided to sell the injury in a segment in which Bobby Lashley attacked him brutally. It is not yet known exactly how much longer he will be off, although it is speculated that he could return to action between the months of February and March 2019. After going through the operating room, there was the talk of a 4-month recovery.


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