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Kurt Angle to Make a full-time WWE Return?

Kurt Angle to Make a full-time WWE Return?


Kurt Angle to Make a full-time WWE Return?

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Kurt Angle to Make a full-time WWE Return?

This Monday we saw Stephanie McMahon throw Kurt Angle out of RAW giving her a vacation that according to her the RAW General Manager needed, now we know the real reason.

According to journalist Joe Peisich of the Barnburner podcast “Fired Up” the reason for the departure of Kurt Angle from RAW is because the fighter will return as such full time once he makes his return to the RAW.

The current idea is for the fighter to make his return by mid-October. Here we leave the words that Peisich said.

“Kurt Angle was forced to take a sabbatical. Why? Because Kurt Angle is coming back not as the GM but as a wrestler. Yes, Kurt Angle will be a full-time wrestler when he comes back. I’ve heard he might come back in October. Look for him.”

In addition, the journalist said that although he is not currently registered for the event, Kurt Angle is expected to be fighting in the Super Show-Down and that this match could be against Baron Corbin.

This would be the return as a full-time wrestler of the Olympic medalist at Atlanta 96 since his departure from the then Dixie Carter company, TNA.

Angle already had a fight this year at the company when teaming with Ronda Rousey they faced Triple H and Stephanie McMahon in a mixed match where Angle made it clear that despite the age he was still in form to be able to give a great fight.

Another thing will be to see if the wrestler would be able to hold the WWE calendar or if it would have a reduced calendar but if we speak in a conditional future who would not like to see Kurt in Spain.


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