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Latest Speculations About the Future of Brock Lesnar in WWE

Latest Speculations About the Future of Brock Lesnar in WWE


Latest Speculations About the Future of Brock Lesnar in WWE

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Latest Speculations About the Future of Brock Lesnar in WWE

Brock Lesnar has in WWE his safety net which gives him millions and allows him to enjoy a status like that of very few Superstars in recent years. But the MMA was always his great goal and although he already adds 41 springs, his intention is still to succeed again in the UFC after his victory against Mark Hunt two summers ago which was finally canceled by a positive doping.

Knowing what his agenda will be after SummerSlam is the great goal of many media because it would reveal many of the creative plans that will be there. But of course, WWE will beware of any truthful leaks, just like it happened on the way to WrestleMania 34 to ensure the surprise factor. Will Lesnar retain the Universal Championship or on the contrary, his imminent departure will lead to an abdication?

However, a continuity within the McMahon product does not have to avoid involvement in Dana White’s company. He already showed his cameo during UFC 226 last month and with the aforementioned fight against Hunt in 2016. By then, Lesnar was still working for WWE and so, he faced Randy Orton shortly after under SummerSlam.

About this possibility Mike Johnson spoke, noting that the “crossover” between wrestling and MMA is feasible:

“My feeling with Brock is that he will lose the Universal Title at Summerslam (or the Raw after) and leave the WWE to compete in UFC. My take is that at 41 years old, this will be his last UFC run – probably anywhere between 1-3 years depending upon health and success. Once this occurs – I believe, smartly, he will end up back in WWE for the remainder of his mid to late 40s working a similar schedule to the one he has now. My questions is – do you generally see this being the belief among WWE leadership? Do you? Is the general understanding with WWE that he needs to do UFC now or never, and can come back to WWE once his MMA career comes to a close because of the longevity it allows. I never heard Brock have any real issues with WWE since his 2012 arrival. To be honest, I still can’t believe this run tripled his 1st from 02-04.”

Of course, bringing the Universal Championship to the UFC would be another song. To get rid of doubts there are only two weeks remaining when SummerSlam is celebrated which will take place on August 19 from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.


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