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Lucha Underground July 11, 2018 Results


Lucha Underground July 11, 2018 Results

Lucha Underground July 11, 2018 Results

This is what happened last night in the Lucha Underground program, which is the fifth of the fourth season of the series.

Mascarita Sagrada took The White Rabbit Tribe to meet the White Rabbit. Dragon Azteca Jr. and King Horn obtained Aztec medallions, Cage will try to get one. Matanza Cueto was released and sacrificed Mr. Pectacular.

In the Temple, Antonio Cueto tells Cortez Castro that this is not even his name. He also reveals that he is a police officer. But it’s good that he’s there because Antonio wants to report a homicide. “Actually, I would call it a sacrifice to the gods,” he says, before invoking Matanza Cueto.

Matanza Cueto defeated Cortez Castro. The Monster receives blows with a kendo stick, but they do not affect it. He quickly destroys Castro and gets the count of three with the Wrath of the Gods.

Killing raised his hands to the sky, and the lights went on red, went out and Castro disappeared. Matanza has made his second sacrifice, solving the police problem (for now) for Cueto.

Ivelisse defeated Joey Ryan. Ryan dominates much of the fight but also spends good time humiliating and annoying Ivelisse. The Luchadora responds with demolitions but Joey manages to recover again. Spinebuster and counts very close to three for Ryan, who in a moment claims that three accounts of two add up to six, and therefore, he has already won twice. Ivelisse avoids a Boobplex and connects a Release German Suplex that is not enough. Sunset Flip Powerbomb by Ivelisse and account of three.

The Mack defeated Son of Havoc and Killshot.

In this match, the Underground Trios Fighting Trio Champions faced each other for the chance to get the Gift of the Gods. Whoever is not counted or surrenders will also receive a medallion. This combat was incredibly fast with the three trying to count each other.

Havoc went for Shooting Star Press on The Mack, but Killshot grabbed him by the beard and applied a Death Valley Driver on the apron. Killshot gave a double foot stomp on Havoc, and The Mack hit with a stunner Killshot for the pinfall victory.

The Mack doubted who to do the account. Mack and Havoc came out with a medallion each, while Killshot was angry at both men.

Mil Muertes defeated Cage. Combat of equal start, with both moles exchanging heavy blows. Mil Muertes knocks down a referee by mistake. Discus Cage’s clothesline, another referee comes to tell but it is not enough. Cage is enraged and attacks the officer. Flatliner of Deaths and just arrives Rick Knox to arbitrate. Announces the count of two and Thousand Deaths applies a Chokeslam.

The action continues with Cage’s domain, which takes Death out of the ring, flies over him and punishes him in ringside. Pentagon Dark appears among the public! The champion was hidden among the “believers”, and he took advantage of Cage’s distraction to attack him. Mil Muertes connects Spear and Flatliner in the ring, a referee wakes up and slowly counts to three.

Pentagon Dark announces that next week he will defend the title against Cage.


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