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Lucha Underground July 4, 2018 Results


Lucha Underground July 4, 2018 Results

Lucha Underground July 4, 2018 Results

We started the show with a compilation of the history between Catrina and Fenix. Last week, Fenix lost in a coffins fight. After the fight, Catrina appeared, kissed him to take away the vital force and, suddenly, he was transformed. Finally, he met Melissa Santos and told him that Fenix will never return.

– Jake Strong defeats Big Bad Steve.
Steve arrives to avenge Famous B, who had been severely injured by Strong, but the formerly known as Jack Swagger is the one who manages to dominate the whole fight. In the final stretch, Strong connects a Vader Bomb and a Clothesline to Steve. Then, lock the Ankle Lock to make your opponent surrender.

After the fight, Strong thinks he has not inflicted enough punishment, so Steve is the victim of a Powerbomb.

King Horn meets with Antonio Cueto. Dario’s father brings up the subject of the gauntlet and warns that it is a dangerous object that can turn whoever owns it into a God. Horn claims to be unaware of his whereabouts. Then Cueto offers Horn the chance to win one of the Aztec medallions tonight. For this, he will have to defeat Chavo Guerrero. All followed, Brian Cage is who appears in the office and indicates that he wants to end with Pentagon Dark. Antonio informs him that he can not give him a title fight, but he can fight for one of the medallions next week, against Mil Muertes. Cage accepts

– Taya and Johnny Mundo defeated Daga and KobrMoon. Chaotic combat, where team techniques were brought to light. In the final bars, Mundo hits Taya with a Superkick by mistake. Kobra Moon attacks Mundo until PJ Black interferes, attacking Moon. Taya, thanks to a Curb Stomp, manages to finish the job and achieve victory.

After the combat, Viper arrives to equalize the forces, attacking the three members of Lucha Underground. After recovering from the defeat, Moon makes a promo in which she says that she will get Mundo, Taya, and Black to adore her.

Back to backstage, Antonio Cueto finds his son Matanza in the torture chamber. He communicates that it is time for the first sacrifice.

– Killing defeated Mr. Pectacular. Pectacular tries to surprise Matanza with a quick Dropkick but the monster does not wobble. Next, German Suplex and Wrath of the Gods to get a resounding victory in less than a minute.

While Matanza celebrates, Pectacular disappears, being sacrificed to the Gods.

– King Horn defeated Chavo Guerrero. Guerrero attacks Horn before it reaches the ring. Although Guerrero dominates the first moments, Horn manages to recover and surprises him with a quick offensive. From here, the forces are equalized and the action moves away from the ring. In the final stretch, when both contestants fight between the four ropes, Guerrero gets a small package, but the count only reaches 2. Chavo is ready to run a series of Suplex, but Horn manages to get away and, with the Thrill of the Kill, get the victory and one of the 7 Aztec medallions.


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