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Lucha Underground June 27, 2018 Results: Three Way to The Grave


Lucha Underground June 27, 2018 Results: Three Way to The Grave

Lucha Underground June 27, 2018 Results: Three Way to The GraveWe started the show inside the Temple and we met Antonio Cueto. He informs us that tonight we will have a Three Way To The Grave match between Jeremiah Crane, Fenix and Thousand Deaths. Jack Evans also announced a Put Up Or Shut Up challenge while Johnny World seeks revenge by leading Worldwide Lucha Underground in the battle against reptiles.

Worldwide Lucha Underground is backstage when Johnny Mundo comes in and decides to put Jack against the reptiles tonight. He rescued them because “snakes are scary”. Mundo says that the rest of them had their bouts planned tonight, and leaves the scene. Before the scene ends, the camera focuses on the doll that Ricky Mandel holds and it says, “Do not worry, Ricky, your secret is safe with me.” Then the doll laughs as Ricky looks at the camera.

– Xo Lishus defeats Jack Evans.  In the closing stages, Xo knocks Evans off the corner by transitioning a Back Handspring into a Leg Scissors followed by a Leg Drop from the second rope. Xo then finishes Evans with the X-Factor for victory.

Pentagon Dark appears in the ring and says he may have been able to retain his championship after Aztec Warfare. It indicates that anyone who wants an opportunity for their title, will fail and end up bankrupt because he is Pentagon Dark and has Zero Fear. Suddenly, Brian Cage jumps into the ring and attacks Pentagon. Cage places a table on the outside of the ring and makes Pentagon cross it with a Powerbomb from the edge of the ring. Cage takes the microphone and ensures that he will become the next Lucha Underground champion.

Fenix and Melissa are in backstage and she says she did not want him to be in combat, but it was something she had to do. She kisses him and a romantic scene occurs.

– Mil Muertes defeats Fenix and Jeremiah Crane in a Threeway To The Grave match. Brutal combat, full of spots and violence, in which to win, you must lock your opponents inside the coffins. In the middle of the fight, Ivelisse appears to attack Crane with a hammer and lock him inside a coffin, leaving him out of combat. In the last bars, Fenix and Mil Muertes are those who remain in the center of the ring, being finally the second who takes the victory after locking his opponent in the last coffin.

Once the fight is over, Catrina is very happy when Fenix’s coffin was carried out.

Antonio Cueto speaks with a chained slaughter and that seems very annoying for some reason. Antonio says he has a key that holds the soul of Matanza. He says that the fact that Dario Cueto worries about his brother made him weak. Then Antonio says that Matanza must be his son, but in reality, it must be much more than that. After this, he throws the key to Slaughter and orders him to destroy the soul of his son to become a god. Killing makes his desires orders, and the chains fall.


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