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Matt Hardy’s contract with WWE ends in March 2019


Matt Hardy’s contract with WWE ends in March 2019

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Matt Hardy’s contract with WWE ends in March 2019

Matt Hardy would continue to experience discomfort in his back. As we reported that the wrestler had planned to take time out of action due to the injuries he has been communicating. Hardy confirmed in his personal Twitter account that his back and pelvis had begun to join which caused him pain.

Recently Hardy has written several messages in his social networks, noting the farewell to his teammate Bray Wyatt in addition to taking a picture with Mike Rome in SummerSlam doing production work.

According to several sources such as the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Matt would have started working behind the scenes, transitioning from his role as a wrestler. Matt would have done several of these tasks during yesterday’s SummerSlam 2018.

Matt’s wife Reby Hardy spoke last Sunday about the whole situation. Reby was the guest of David LaGreca’s Busted Open Radio with Mark Henry. In it, Reby pointed out that her husband “was going through a stage of transition.” In addition, he added that his contract will end in March 2019:

“Matt is good. Matt is right now going through a bit of a transitional period,” Hardy said. “He’s not really sure what he’s going to be doing. His contract is up in March, which I’m not sure many people are aware of. But there’s sort of a decision to be made at this point as to whether or not he should continue his in-ring career or if he should pursue something different, which he would totally be up for and would be excited to do, I feel like.

So, he’s kind of giving it a go right now backstage. He’s at SummerSlam. He’s not on the card but he’s there. And we’re kind of going to see from here. It’s really a transitional time right now.”

In the interview, Mark Henry comments on the situation of reaching a point where the body is damaged from doing pro-wrestling for so long that one can not do the things that it once did. Henry also points out that one must have confidence in going out of business and find a way to keep doing things. After that, Reby answered the following:

“I Thank you. And I’m so glad that you said that and I hope that he listens to someone like you saying that because I say that all the time,” Hardy responded. “Wrestling is all he’s known from the time he was 16 years old – a lot of people don’t realize that – so that’s his entire life. So, I think for him the realm of a career and a life outside of in-ring action is sort of hard for someone like him to imagine. But it is possible, I feel like, obviously, and that’s what I’m hoping he steers toward. I’m mean, his body can only take so much. It’s been 25, 26 years of this. ”



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