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WWE Monday Night Raw January 7, 2019 Results

WWE Monday Night Raw January 7, 2019 Results


WWE Monday Night Raw January 7, 2019 Results

The show begins abruptly. Seth Rollins and Bobby Lashley go to the backstage hits, and it takes several minutes to be separated by fighters and security staff.

– John Cena returns to Raw and quickly starts talking about Wrestlemania. He wants to earn his “golden ticket” for Wrestlemania and officially announces that he will be in this year’s Royal Rumble bout.

Drew McIntyre interrupts him and says he is not interested in his haircut, or who sleeps or stops sleeping. “I’m interested in your championships,” says McIntyre. He recognizes that he is one of the greatest, and claims that he ended up with people like The Shield and Dolph Ziggler on his own. Tensions rise and McIntyre heads to the ring for Cena, who is soon ready for action.

Lio Rush starts talking, announcing that they will go for a lawyer if they do not do something with Seth Rollins for his behavior against Bobby Lashley. Rollins appears and attacks Lashley! Dean Ambrose, John Cena, and Drew McIntyre join the fray. Finn Balor goes out to equalize things and charges against McIntyre!

Seth Rollins, Finn Balor & John Cena vs. Dean Ambrose, Drew McIntyre & Bobby Lashley
Balor and Ambrose are fighting when the action returns to the air. Relay for McIntyre who applies a brutal Suplex to Balor. Relay for Cena, which is also punished by rivals. Balor gets the relief and charges against the enemies. Shoot Ambrose a couple of times, Slingblade to Lashley, escape from Dean and connect a Dropkick against the corner. Look for height and apply Coup de Grace. Claymore from McIntyre for Balor right away. Seth and Drew take action, Rollins attacks all his opponents in and out of the ring. Falcon Arrow on McIntyre but it’s not enough. John saves Seth and connects the AA, receives a Spear from Lashley who in turn receives a Superkick. Another for Drew by Seth, who now seeks height. Frog Splash that Drew avoids, relief for Dean. Curb-Stomp for Dean and account for three.
Winners: Seth Rollins, Finn Balor & John Cena.

Seth Rollins goes to Triple H in backstage. Determined, he says he wants Dean Ambrose for the Intercontinental Championship tonight. Triple H confirms that the fight will be today and will be “Falls Count Anywhere”. “Welcome back,” closes saying, Hunter.

Tribute to the recently deceased member of the WWE Hall of Fame, Mean Gene Okerlund. Hulk Hogan returns to Raw to join in the memory of Mean Gene. “Mean Gene loved the entertainment more than anything,” Hogan recalls before giving way to a series of videos and images of Okerlund.

Lumberjack Match for the Raw tag team Championship
Bobby Roode & Chad Gable (c) vs. The Revival (Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder)
Good start for the champions, who put Revival in trouble. Tension with the couples that make ringside woodcutters, especially between Revival and Lucha House Party. Clotheslines from Roode to Wilder and Suplex for Dawson. Keep on Bobby, but do not get the bill. Suplex with a bridge for another attempt that is not enough. Gable takes Wilder out of the ring and looks for height. A crossbody that Dawson invests with a pin that almost reaches three. Suplex with bridge without seeing that Wilder takes over. Splash on Gable and another count of two. The four struggle near the ropes, Bobby knocks Wilder down while Dawson covers Gable. From ringside Bobby pushes his partner to be he who covers the rival. Count of three even though Dawson has his foot on the bottom rope.
Winners and still champions: Bobby Roode & Chad Gable.

Elias is in the ring with his guitar. He talks about Royal Rumble, his successes and failures, and goes on to criticize Baron Corbin. He sets out to sing a song, but Baron interrupts it. Corbin says he will win at Royal Rumble and will be part of Wrestlemania’s main event.

– Baron Corbin defeated Elias in a one on one match.

Braun Strowman goes to the ring. He does not want to talk, he wants Brock Lesnar right now. Paul Heyman responds with Lesnar from the giant screen. Heyman talks about the fact that the cards are subject to change, and that if they faced each other now, Lesnar would be unrivaled for Royal Rumble.

Jinder Mahal & Alicia Fox vs. Apollo Crews & Ember Moon
Short match in which Apollo takes Mahal out of the ring to fly over him and the Singh in the first few minutes. Next, Ember easily overcomes Alice and covers her after an Eclipse.
Winners: Apollo Crews & Ember Moon

Alexa Bliss releases her show, A moment of Bliss. Its first guest is the Champion of Raw, Ronda Rousey. Rowdy talks wonder about another fighter, who tends to be Sasha Banks. Alexa thought he was going to talk about her, but the segment is interrupted by Nia Jax. Nia speaks sarcastically and claims a starting chance against Ronda. Sasha Banks appears, thanks Ronda’s words and confronts Nia. Sasha challenges her to a fight to decide to challenge, right now.

Sasha Banks vs. Nia Jax
Sasha takes the initiative and puts Nia in trouble. Jax’s suplex to free itself. Sasha gets distracted by Tamina in ringside and Nia maintains control. Meteora of Sasha and account of two. Nia tries to give Sasha a straight right in the face, but fails and hits the canvas. Samoan Drop and two counts on Banks. Nia fails a Leg Drop, Banks does not have the strength to get up after the punishment received. Tamina tries to attack Sasha, but Bayley takes care of her. Sasha has Nia caught in the ring but she quickly returns to the edge. Charge and hit the post. Sasha connects the Bank Statement and makes Nia perform.
Winner: Sasha Banks.

Combat Falls Count Anywhere for the Intercontinental: Dean Ambrose Championship (c) vs. Seth Rollins
Seth attacks Dean on the ramp before the fight officially begins. The action continues between the public and the production area, where Ambrose tries to escape. Dean responds with objects and looks for the account a couple of times, without achieving it. After the pause, Seth dominates the encounter. Seth looks for the account on Dean among the public, but Ambrose continues to escape. Dean uses a chair against Seth but it is not enough. Remove the ringside floor protection and look for the Dirty Deeds, but Seth throws him back against the concrete. In the ring, Superplex and Buckle Bomb by Seth. Curb-Stomp and prepares to cover but Bobby Lashley appears. At the sight of Lio Rush, Lashley smashes Rollins, leaving him soon for the count of three after a brutal Spear.
Winner and still champion: Dean Ambrose.

After the fight, Dean takes his title and leaves the ring. Lio puts a table in the ring for Lashley to use against Rollins. Lio and Bobby pose triumphantly before the fallen Seth to close Monday Night Raw.


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