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More details about Big Cass’ WWE Release


More details about Big Cass’ WWE Release

More details about Big Cass' WWE Release

The dismissal of Big Cass continues to bring tail and little by little more data are being provided on the possible reasons. WWE announced the dismissal on Tuesday, June 19 through a very brief press release where the best was not wished for their future projects, something that caught the attention of the media and readers.

There has been a lot of talk about Big Cass’ relationship with the costumes and the creative team but one of the most talked about issues in the last few hours has been an alleged discussion that Big Cass had with Sami Zayn over a political issue. Cass has always been a supporter of Donald Trump and has trumpeted with his message over the past few months, something that Sami Zayn did not like when a topic related to Muslims came up. The conversation led to a strong discussion behind the scenes, of which many details have not yet been given. However, according to the Wrestling Observer, the source of this information that incident was not the reason for the dismissal.

For now, the main reason for the dismissal of Big Cass is still his behavior in the last tour of the WWE in Europe. The fighter drank frequently during the trip, did not have good behavior in general and even showed up to a show under the influence of alcohol. Specifically, that last point would be the key to his dismissal which took place after a meeting that Vince McMahon organized last night before the  SmackDown Live.

It is also commented that there were complaints from involved and creative in several struggles that Big Cass disputed against Big Show and Daniel Bryan except for Money in The Bank where Cass did a good job and calmed down. For that reason, it is still rumored that there was some more serious incident between the PPV and the SmackDown show something that has not yet been revealed.


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