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More on the Possible Departure of Brock Lesnar from WWE


More on the Possible Departure of Brock Lesnar from WWE

More on the Possible Departure of Brock Lesnar from WWE

Credit: WWE

WWE is between the sword and the wall with respect to which, esteem will be the stellar of WrestleMania 34. “Esteem”, because on the one hand we have one of its protagonists Roman Reigns, being accused of having bought steroids, and having the constant threat that the evidence could come out at any time, while the other, Brock Lesnar not only could be involved in the same case but also is in a delicate situation with WWE since it is far from the terms offered by the company to renew their contract which has as the expiration date on April 8, the show being its last date.

And if any of the soldiers fell into disgrace before the performance of the Show the company already has on the bench the giant Braun Strowman, which is why despite his status as a stellar. they will not have big plans for him in case that it had to be used as a wildcard. Quietly we can expect to see him in the Campal in Memory of André the Giant, who apparently will be the most transcendent to date, or getting involved in the battle for the Intercontinental Championship. However, the company is confident that it will be able to carry out this Reigns vs. Lesnar without problems in between.

More on the Possible Departure of Brock Lesnar from WWE

Credit: WWE

For now, there is one less problem and it seems that the tension which so high was between the current WWE Universal Champion and Vince McMahon has fallen somewhat thanks to a third party: Fox Sports. That’s right, the channel that purportedly aims to get rid of SmackDown will have brought a bit of lull recently by informing the Chairman that a possible departure from Lesnar one of WWE’s highest grossing superstars, is not a problem for them. Wrestling News World reports it in the following way:

“There has been a small improvement that has helped ease the tension a little. WWE is in the midst of very important contractual television negotiations, just like the UFC. Brock Lesnar is a huge star and, in theory, any channel in which WWE ends would prefer to have him in the ranks of the company.

“Fox is a favorite to retain the UFC, and since last week, Fox has also become a favorite to win WWE television rights. And while the interest of USA Network (WWE’s current home) will decrease slightly without Lesnar in the picture, Fox is not interested at all, because if Lesnar leaves WWE it would mean he would go to the UFC.”

“The point is that if Fox succeeds in obtaining the rights of both WWE and UFC. Fox will benefit regardless of where Lesnar ended up. In this way, the fact that Fox is positioned as the favorite to obtain the WWE programming has lightened the dispute between Vince and Brock, since the former no longer has the same pressure to retain him. In addition, the President believes there is always a chance that Lesnar will return to WWE after a few fights.

“And even if the possibility that ‘The Incarnate Beast’ leaves is still the most likely scenario – unless Vince has an abrupt change of mind at the last minute and decides not to reduce Lesnar’s salary – the company has opted to return to the rivalry in a story where they want to make the monarch look bad in the eyes of the people facing WrestleMania, just as they did the last time he left the company. “

If there is no change, the veteran gladiator is stipulated to appear on Monday Night Raw in two weeks, added to the next one, but not in the last show before the Showcase of the Immortals.

What do you think about how the champion’s situation with WWE progresses? Would it be worth retaining it for another year? Do you think you would do better in the UFC? Leave your opinions in the comment box.


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