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Mustafa Ali tells why he does not promote himself as Pakistani


Mustafa Ali tells why he does not promote himself as Pakistani

A few months ago, Mustafa Ali spoke about the difficulties he had to be accepted in WWE. But he did not refer to his Pakistani descent but rather that he was not as well-known as his fellow cruiserweight when he began his career in the company. Now he has become the second superstar in the 205 live division to officially join the main roster. There is no doubt that he is having a lot of success.

But during a recent interview in Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia, He did want to talk about his ancestry and explained why he does not promote himself as a Pakistani.

“I found that throughout history that division is what hurts us the most. When you go, ‘I’m gonna cheer that guy because he’s from where I’m from country-wise. I’m gonna cheer this guy because he’s from this religion.’ What if he’s a piece of crap? Are you still gonna cheer him? I always found that division does no justice.

What is true peace? Is peace just us co-existing? Peace is when I look at you and see nothing else but another human being and I would never let anything happen to you. I don’t see him or her. I don’t see us or them. I don’t see any of that. I see you and I. That’s what I see, so what I felt when they were trying to position me as the first Pakistani, ‘Why are you sticking a label on me?’ People hear my name that I’m some sort of Muslim or Islamic background, but why can’t I just be Mustafa Ali?

I’m so much more than just the first Pakistani. Obviously there’s some backlash, ‘Oh, you don’t take pride in where you’re from?’ Listen to what I’m saying. I’m saying, ‘Why limit yourself to being just a flag when I feel like I’m more than that?”


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