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New Details About Brock Lesnar’s Future and his Contract with WWE


New Details About Brock Lesnar’s Future and his Contract with WWE

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Credit: WWE

The future of Brock Lesnar is in the air. The universal champion of WWE has signed a new contract with the company of the McMahon family, but its duration is unknown. As reported by journalist Dave Meltzer on his latest radio show, Lesnar could have just one more fight in WWE.

Dave Meltzer assures that Lesnar has signed a new agreement with WWE and emphasizes that it is different the previous two that had had a fighter. WWE has announced that it is several years old, but the journalist is sure that the contract is short term. Meltzer says he will have more information after the Greatest Royal Rumble event.

The first news he has had is that Brock Lesnar will remain in WWE until the USADA (United States Anti-Doping Agency) allows him to return to mixed martial arts. Once cleared, explains Meltzer the plan is for Brock to return full-time to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). This information belies the rumors that Lesnar will like to work for WWE and UFC at the same time.

Brock Lesnar and WWE reached a final agreement on the Monday Night Raw episode prior to WrestleMania 34. The contract was signed on Sunday, April 8, hours before the event. Meltzer also claims that Roman Reigns came to New Orleans thinking he will win the Universal championship. WWE managers informed him about the renewal and change of plans on the day of the show. The journalist does not know if the fighter was bothered by the new script for his fight.

In the original script, Roman Reigns was going to revert the last F-5 of Lesnar to apply his Spear and take the victory for three. At best, Meltzer explains, 10 people knew what the new end of the fight was. There was some internal malaise because some creatives and managers even those who usually hear about all the decisions were unaware of this change.

The future of the championship is uncertain. The plans to date place Roman Reigns and Braun Strowmanas the big favorites to win the Universal championship in the short-medium term. It is unknown if Roman will regain the belt in Greatest Royal Rumble but the creatives consider the possibility says Meltzer because they are aware that in the United States the fighter receives very negative reactions.


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