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WWE News: New Details About the Accusation Against Enzo Amore, Why Booker T is No Longer in the RAW Comment Table?


WWE News: New Details About the Accusation Against Enzo Amore, Why Booker T is No Longer in the RAW Comment Table?

– Former WWE cruiserweight champion Enzo Amore was charged with a crime of rape. During the day, new details about the accusation came to light through a video. Philomena Sheahan has posted a video explaining how she is after allegedly Eric Arndt “Enzo Amore”  sexually attacked. you can watch this video above.

The alleged victim explains that after learning that she denounced Enzo Amore for sexual abuse she received the hatred of a large part of Amore’s fans through his social networks. In addition, she confessed that she had tried to take his own life after this story was made public due to the social pressure she is suffering.

In addition, Sheahan asked women who have not been victims of abuse not to make false allegations because it removes credibility before society and paid by women who have actually been raped.

In the video, she also tells us that she had to enter the psychiatric unit after the events and that at the time she recorded it she had not taken pills for 12 days. The alleged victim said that you have to be a very bad person to do what Enzo Amore did to her.

This is the last public version that will be given of the facts as reported by his lawyer and at this time everything is in the hands of the courts.

At the time the lawsuit was filed Enzo Amore was suspended by WWE from employment and salary automatically and the cruiserweight championship was declared vacant. WWE has a zero-tolerance policy in these cases and there are no exceptions when dealing with issues of this severity.

-As we saw several days ago, the legendary Booker T was replaced in the comments table, with the most recent acquisition of the WWE Jonathan Coachman, and everything indicated according to the rumors, it was the fault of Corey Graves, and it has even arrived to see hints on both sides.

Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that the real reason why Booker T was removed from the RAW comment table and placed in the panels prior to the show, is due to the hiring of Jonathan Coachman. It had nothing to do with Corey Graves.

While many think that Booker T can be entertaining, WWE decided to bring Coachman back because he was loyal to the company for many years before going to work for ESPN. Coachman’s work with ESPN came to an end and WWE received him with open arms. This eventually led to the elimination of Booker T as part of the weekly team of RAW ads.



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