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No title Defense for Brock Lesnar Before Summerslam?


No title Defense for Brock Lesnar Before Summerslam?

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New rumors have emerged that point to Brock Lesnar’s next match for the Universal Title and also when the fighter could lose the title, always once he exceeds the CM Punk record in being the longest reigning fighter to be a WWE champion.

Speaking about the future and event for Lesnar’s next championship match, veteran professional wrestling journalist Bryan Alvarez said Lesnar probably will not show up at WWE’s Money In The Bank PPV next month.

In addition, Lesnar’s new contract with WWE indicates that he is ready to act on the promotion until SummerSlam 2018 as part of his short-term contract with the company.

In addition, Alvarez explained that although Lesnar will not compete in WWE’s June PPV, Money In The Bank. The Beast could act in the pay-per-view of Extreme Rules which will take place in July.

It was also emphasized that all signs point to WWE booking Lesnar for SummerSlam as the next PPV “Big 4” of the WWE and that Lesnar will probably lose the Universal title in that event.

Who could be Lesnar’s rival for Summerslam?

Although he has now been involved in a new storyline with Jinder Mahal because Lesnar is not, the big favorite to fight the Universal champion in SummerSlam is still Roman Reigns.

The other names that sound strongly to fight against Lesnar, are Braun Strowman who has now stayed on the land of nothing, being the face but without having a defined storyline we will see if he wins the Money in the Bank or not.

And the third name in contention is Seth Rollins who should probably lose the Intercontinental title before facing Lesnar unless the company wanted to make a championship match against the champion.


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