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NXT Review: November 27, 2019


NXT Review: November 27, 2019

NXT Review: November 27, 2019 by Felix Pichler

The opening segment

They opened the show with a video package which showed us the highlights of NXT TakeOver: WarGames. Then a random guy fired the crowd up as they celebrated the win of NXT against RAW and SmackDown at Survivor Series. The locker room also came out to celebrate with the fans which looked like a mosh pit. Suddenly, the Undisputed Era theme started to play, all four members came out and positioned on the ramp. Cole said that the only reason why NXT was successful this weekend was the Undisputed Era. He said that the catchphrase “we are NXT” would be wrong since just their stable would be NXT. He continued by saying that they would have dominated WarGames and Survivor Series.

Matt Riddle, Tommaso Ciampa, Keith Lee and Dominik Dijakovic were the only one left in the ring while all other superstars already walked away. Ciampa said several times “wow” to stop Cole’s promo. He said that Cole would be confident for a group of boys who just got their asses kicked. He noted that WarGames was the beginning of the end of the UE. He added that the collapse would begin when Lee and Dijakovic win the NXT Tag Team Championships on this night.

Ciampa reminded Cole that “Goldie” would have had to wait since Daddy had to go to war and now the war is over. He added that Cole would find out soon what he’s in store for and also noted that UE wouldn’t stand in his way now and “that’s undisputed, bay bay”.

Finn Balor made his entrance and positioned himself in front of the UE and added that he would now stand in Ciampa’s way. Balor and Ciampa exchanged some shots and Ciampa noted that Balor would be the prince, but he’s the king. Lee interrupted them and said that this would be an interesting match for the future, but now it would be the time for the match for the NXT Tag Team Championships as it is basking season.

Opinion: Great promo with a lot of star power in it. Besides, a good build-up for several feuds and it’s still not clear on which side Balor really is.

Rating: A


“The Undisputed Era” Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish (C.) vs. Keith Lee and Dominik Dijakovic for the NXT Tag Team Championships

After a few moments, Lee tossed Fish over the top rope on O’Reilly. Fish’s landing didn’t look good at all and due to that, he got injured. Roderick Strong replaced him for the rest of the match and wrestled in dress pants.

However, at the end of the match Cole came out to interfere, but Lee met him on the ramp with a shoulder tackle to send him flying in the crowd. This scene looked incredible as Cole really seemed to fly. This gave Strong and O’Reilly in the ring the chance to perform the Total Elimination for the win.

Opinion: I hope Fish is ok as this wasn’t a storyline injury. He already had to fight with several injuries during his time at NXT, so hopefully, this won’t force him into another break. On the other side, Strong once more proved what an incredible athlete he is. You noticed that it wasn’t planned that Strong would be in this match, but for that, it was really good. The shoulder tackle of Lee against Cole just looked awesome.

Rating: A


Shane Thorne vs. Mansoor

It was finally time that we would see Mansoor on NXT. Until now we just saw him mainly as part of the Saudi Arabia events. This match was solid and after about three minutes Mansoor performed a perfect Slingshot Neckbreaker for the victory.

Opinion: Both men are great in-ring performers and compared to that they receive almost no time on TV. Due to that, I was happy that hey would get this match and even though they had just three minutes they showed their qualities.

Rating: A


Candice LeRae vs. Dakota Kai

Kai made her entrance to a new heel theme and had Tegan Nox’s knee brace with her. The two women fought for about nine minutes as then LeRae wanted to perform a Suicide Dive, but Kai hit her with the knee brace which caused a DQ. Kai continued to attack LeRae and tossed her several times into the ring steps. As she then wanted to continue the attack with a steel chair, Rhea Ripley came out to run off Kai.

Opinion: I really like the “new” Kai and LeRae was the perfect opponent for the first match after the heel turn. They worked a great match and the end was also interesting. I just look forward to when Nox can return to NXT since the feud between her and Kai will be incredible (earlier that show they showed the following tweet).

Rating: A-


Lio Rush (C.) vs. Akira Tozawa for the NXT Cruiserweight Championship

Before this match, we got a good video package about Cameron Grimes. Good to see him getting on this way attention even though he has no match.

Logically, the match between the champ Rush and Tozawa had a lot of pace in it and several high-flying moves. We also saw interesting counter-combinations, but in the end, Rush performed two Final Hours (one in the back and one in the front to Tozawa) to defend his title.

Opinion: A great match and such fights just help Rush to pick up momentum, look stronger and develop his face character. However, Tozawa never really seemed like a serious opponent since they already talked in the episode about the feud between Angel Garza and Rush.

Rating: B+


Xia Li vs. Vanessa Borne

After about one minute Shayna Baszler, Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir came out. Li performed a kick to then pin Borne while she looked at ringside to the horsewomen. After the pin, they went into the ring and at first Li was able to fight them off, but in the end, she had no chance. As she was beaten up, Baszler took the microphone and noted that she bet Becky Lynch and Bayley at the same time at Survivor Series. She also said that she now holds the title for over one year in her second reign. Ripley’s entrance theme interrupted her and as Ripley entered the ring Baszler, Duke and Shafir left the ring to position on the ramp. Ripley said that she came out to say Baszler something from face to face. After that, Baszler went on the apron. Ripley congratulated Baszler for her victory at Survivor Series but reminded her that she pinned her at WarGames. She added that she would do it again, but this time for the NXT Women’s Championship.

The two women faced off in the ring and Baszler said that she heard that song and dance before and said that Ripley would tap out like all other before her. “How about now?”, Ripley answered, but Baszler left the ring.

Opinion: At first, good stuff to let Li once more go over and additionally don’t let her look completely helpless against the horsewomen. Then, the promo was solid, and it seems as Ripley is the first women for months who really seems like a threat for Baszler. This just shows that NXT did a good job in bringing her over as hell.

Rating: A


Finn Balor vs. Tommaso Ciampa

Both men already hyped this match in backstage interviews during this episode. Both men showed several near falls and we also had, for example, an Air Raid Crash on the ramp against Balor. Cole came out to interfere, but Ciampa knocked him off on the apron. The NXT Championship was lying in the ring as Cole dropped it while he was on the apron. Balor wanted to hit Ciampa with the belt, but the ref avoided that. The title then lay on the ground and Balor hit Ciampa with a Shortarm Elbow Drop as Ciampa landed with the back of his head on the belt. However, Ciampa kicked out of the pinfall. Cole gave Ciampa a kick from the ringside (ref was distracted and didn’t see it) which allowed Balor to perform a Bloody Sunday for the win.

After that, Cole was in the ring and made his UE hand sign as Balor stood before him and made his double shooter finger guns towards Ciampa. Suddenly, Balor hit Cole with a Pele Kick and then he left the ring while Ciampa and Cole both were on the ground in the ring.

Opinion: A good main event match and especially the ending was great. Also, the right way to involve Cole and don’t give a clean win to Balor as then Ciampa would look too weak. Balor seems to be at the moment on no one’s side and just beat everyone up who crosses his way. I like this new character of Balor.

Rating: A



The two greatest questions which appear after this episode are if and how bad Fish is injured and who’ll be the next challenger for Cole. Until to this episode, I was sure that Ciampa would try to win back Goldie, but now Balor also could play a role in this feud. Besides, I’m happy that Survivor Series is finally over and we can just focus on the storylines of NXT.

Rating: A


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