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NXT Superstars announce their march to the main WWE roster


NXT Superstars announce their march to the main WWE roster

In the last episode of NXT, we saw the last appearances of two superstars who will soon work on the main NXT roster. We talked about EC3 and Nikki Cross, who lost to Adam Cole and Bianca Belair respectively. The two superstars announced their departure after the show broadcast on WWE Network.

EC3 took advantage of a behind-the-scenes interview to discuss its future. The superstar of NXT said he had been in talks with Triple H in recent weeks and admitted that leaving the brand is something very difficult to digest. However, it will soon ascend to the main roster. What he did not indicate is his destiny, so we still do not know if he will appear in Raw or SmackDown. It is worth remembering that EC3 fought week in WWE Main Event and beat Curt Hawkins.

Nikki Cross posted a message on Twitter announcing her departure from NXT:

Nikki Cross did not appear in weekly shows of the main roster this week but debuted on SmackDown on November 6, 2018, facing Becky Lynch.

It is recalled that on November 17, on Monday Night Raw, it was announced that EC3, Lars Sullivan, Heavy Machinery, Nikki Cross and Lacey Evan s will be part of the main WWE roster. In addition to the announcement, individual videos of each one were presented, showing their capabilities and what they can offer to Raw and SmackDown.


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