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NXT TakeOver: WarGames Preview: November 23, 2019


NXT TakeOver: WarGames Preview: November 23, 2019

WWE NXT TakeOver: WarGames Preview: November 23, 2019 by Felix Pichler

The order of the matches is probably not the same as it will take place at the actual show. However, I’m sure that the men’s WarGames match will be the last one on the card. The other three fights maybe will be in the same order as followed.

Matt Riddle vs. Finn Balor

At first, Riddle was part of the Team of Tommaso Ciampa while Balor started a feud with Jonny Gargano. However, Gargano got injured and due to that, Balor started a rivalry with the Original Bro. Considering this, Riddle is not part of the War Games match and at this aspect, we’ll look later in this article. Since we have just four fights on the match card, these two men will get enough time to work an incredible match.

Opinion: This is one of the dream matches which we thought that we would get it on SmackDown or RAW since Balor just returned to NXT a few weeks ago. The Original Bro established himself as one of the best performers of the NXT roster while Balor already was at the top of the mountain in this show and also got some good runs in the “main shows”. So, it will be interesting to watch who will go over, but it will surely be a great match. 

Killian Dain vs. Damien Priest vs. Pete Dunn to declare who’ll face Adam Cole at Survivor Series for the NXT Championship

Then, we have the number one contender match for the NXT Championship. The interesting aspect of this match is clearly that this title match will take place on the next day at Survivor Series. However, the great thing about it is that we don’t have three randomly placed performers in there, but they already had a feud before this match was announced. All three of them showed great performances within the last weeks and none of them looked particular weaker than the others. In light of this, we can expect an interesting and three evenly-matched fight.

Opinion: I think that Dunne has to win this match since he’s the biggest name of these three and you have to mention that the title match against Cole is the first match for the NXT Championship which takes place during a PPV of RAW and/or SmackDown. The other two men also are on a good way, but not far enough yet to wrestle in such a big match. 

First-ever Women’s WarGames Match: Rhea Ripley, Candice LeRae, Tegan Nox & Mia Yim vs. NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler, NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray, Io Shirai & Bianca Belair

First of all, you have to give credit to NXT since they have in this match seven women from NXT and one from NXT UK which all have a big enough name to be part of this match. When you compare NXT’s women’s division to the one of RAW or SmackDown, they are just miles ahead. The build-up for this match was also really good and they received enough of TV time to make this rivalry really look serious ahead of this match. Maybe we’ll see and interference of Dakota Kai, but that would be surprising since the match takes place inside a cage.

Opinion: It’s hard to predict a winner in this fight since we have eight superstars in this match what will lead to absolute chaos. I expect that in the end, one of the two team captains Ripley or Baszler will decide the match for their respective game and then we’ll get to see a one-on-one feud between the two women. To let this feud look logical, they would need to let Ripley pin the champ Baszler, but I’m not sure if this will happen. Anyways, it is the first-ever women’s War Games match and it will surely not disappoint us. 

Men’s WarGames Match: Tommaso Ciampa, Keith Lee, Dominik Dijakovic & an unknown partner vs. “The Undisputed Era” NXT Champion Adam Cole, NXT North American Champion Roderick Strong & NXT Tag Team Champions Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish

This fight will surely be a shocker. However, one of the greatest moments of this TakeOver could also take place before the match when the fourth member of Ciampa’s team gets revealed. Will it be the introduction of a new signing like John Morrison or “just” an NXT and NXT UK superstar respectively like Tylor Bate. Anyways, this match has the potential to be one of the best matches of the year since we have seven or eight incredibly talented superstars in two rings with a cage on top of them – what do you want more as a wrestling fan?

Also, in this match, we’ll likely see a finish in which the two team captains Ciampa and Cole are involved. Ciampa already said that he would go after the NXT Championship after this WarGames match, so it would make quite a lot of sense to let him make the deciding pin so that he looks as dangerous as possible. However, the rivalry between Lee and Dijakovic who are on the same team will also come into play at a certain point in this match.

Opinion: There are several variables which could make this match really interesting: the long rivalry between Lee and Dijakovic, the feud between Ciampa and Cole, the fourth member of team Ciampa or a turn of a member of the UE which is always possible. Anyways, the two last WarGames matches were also incredible and this one will also be great. 


Since we have just four matches on the card which is typical for NXT TakeOver every fight will get enough time. Especially the two WarGames matches will surely take for a long time. However, it’s hard to predict a winner for the two WarGames fights but I’m quite sure that in both endings, the two team captains will be involved.

Opinion: As usual, the match card only includes matches which all have the potential to steal the show. Anyways, the even more important thing is that we have in almost every match the potential to see an interference or surprise. Will Gargano attack Balor or will he interfere in the WarGames match? Will Kai play any role in the women’s War Games match? I’m really looking forward to this show since we have so many things that could happen and I love to get surprised and in this aspect, NXT never disappoints.


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