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Paige Could Miss Royal Rumble 2018 Due to her Current Injury


Paige Could Miss Royal Rumble 2018 Due to her Current Injury

Paige ertsefgsdfsdf - Paige Could Miss Royal Rumble 2018 Due to her Current InjuryWWE RAW wrestler and Absolution team member, Paige, would miss the Royal Rumble 2018 event next January 28th. The motive would be the injuries that have dragged after the last incident at the end of the year, which would not allow him to fight, except surprise last minute.

According to PWInsider reports exclusively, the injury suffered Paige a few weeks ago will take her away from the first female Royal Rumble that will be held in said event. The media emphasizes that the fighter will not have a medical discharge on time, so she must be absent from it and leave her position in the real battle, in the absence of confirmation by WWE.

It should be remembered that Paige suffered an injury during the live event of RAW last December 27 in Uniondale, New York. Paige participated in a team match with Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose against Sasha Banks, Bayley and Mickie James. At one point Banks attacked with a Dropkick to the upper back of the British fighter. After that Paige started to swing and the match had to be stopped. Paige retired walking under her own feet, helped by the doctors of the company.

At first, it was reported that he was fine, but after several tests, Paige suffered a puncture in the brachial plexus (the network of nerves that connects the cervical vertebrae with the shoulder). Previously, Paige has suffered from various neck problems, which necessitated surgery and delayed her return after months of rehabilitation. The fighter also suffers from scoliosis, an abnormal curvature of the spine, which makes it difficult to recover from neck and back injuries. In a recent interview with Lillian Garcia, the wrestler stated that her doctor recommended not to compete anymore due to the condition of her back.

With all these difficulties, WWE made the decision to remove her from the ring. Paige has been appearing in RAW for the last two weeks, but without having any kind of physical contact. On January 1, she announced that she and her partners from Absolution would join the women’s Royal Rumble. According to PWInsider, the injury is worse than what was reported, so the company or the fighter could announce their abandonment of combat in the next days. For now, it is unknown when he can fight again.

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