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Paige VanZant Interested in Signing for WWE


Paige VanZant Interested in Signing for WWE

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UFC flyweight champion Paige VanZant seems interested in recalling WWE after the latest statements she made yesterday afternoon. Paige, after dominating the octagon with a 7-2 record, was losing her last two bouts against Michelle Waterson and Jesica Rose-Clark. But VanZant is another of those media stars that surpass the field of the pure sport since it jumped to social stardom to be one of the participants of the contest “Dancing with the stars” in its North American version in 2016. In that same year it was when We heard the champion speak for the first time of the interest of WWE in its hiring, interest that it confirmed shortly before SummerSlam of that year to the Sports Illustrated magazine with these words:

“We have had some conversation with it and there are superstars that I would like to work with; I think they are a great organization. I’m a big fan of WWE and of course, I want to stay close to them. Eventually, it’s something I would like to do in the future. ”

Paige VanZant returned to the charge last January of 2018 when he commented the following to TMZ Sports when asked about the rumors of Ronda Rousey at the Royal Rumble:

“I am a fighter above all things but if the occasion knocks on my door I am not one of those who slam the door. It’s an amazing organization and I look forward to working with them. ”

Despite having lost 3 of her last four bouts, Paige VanZant thinks she can reverse the situation and return to being a danger inside the octagon. With WWE interested in signing Paige VanZant and given his youth (24 years) everything seems to indicate that both parties are condemned to be understood in a play similar to the one that WWE has carried out with Ronda Rousey recently.


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