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Possible Plans for Finn Bálor at Wrestlemania 34


Possible Plans for Finn Bálor at Wrestlemania 34

Possible Plans for Finn Bálor at Wrestlemania 34

Image courtesy: WWE

The latest rumors indicate that Finn Bálor could join The Club to have a rivalry with The Miz and Miztourage (Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas). During the next weeks, they could work on a storyline that would end in a fight to be held at Wrestlemania 34, although that has not been ruled out in Elimination Chamber and Bálor went on to fight for the Intercontinental Championship a posteriori.

In spite of being some plans more studied by WWE in the last weeks, it could have complications. In the last episode of Total Divas, Maryse revealed to her family before WWE cameras that her daughter’s birth is scheduled to be April 6. Considering that Wrestlemania 34 is celebrated two days later, it is likely that the delivery will go ahead and The Miz will have to be with his wife. If that happens, The Miz could not participate in the great event. However, it is quite likely that if the birth occurs around the show, it is possible that The Miz travel to the Mercedes-Benz Superdome only to fight and go to the hospital.

As for Finn Bálor, there is a bit of disappointment in his environment because he was eliminated from any possibility of participating in the men’s Elimination Chamber that gives access to a fight for the Universal Championship in Wrestlemania. Apparently, it has bothered the way he lost to John Cena on Raw. Supposedly, after the wink he received on the 25th anniversary of Raw by the members of DX, Bálor was expected to receive a push that will lead him to the fight for the Universal Championship.


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