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Pro Wrestling and Pop Culture


Pro Wrestling and Pop Culture

POP CULTURE - Pro Wrestling and Pop CultureWhat exactly is pop culture? This is the collection of trends, ideas, attitudes and also beliefs associated with a certain culture. However, currently, pop culture is not all about the literature, self-discovery or good music. It’s now about the social media, music, TV and the major fashion trends. So this article talks about professional wrestling and popular culture and the impact over the years.

Wrestling popularized slang is different each and every day, especially with the technology advancements. Therefore, in professional wrestling, non-fans can’t understand terms such as “taking a bump” or “jobbing.” Therefore, the most popularized word in this sport is “smackdown” since it slid its way to the mainstream culture.

Similarly, the late night shows have been evident from generations to generations, and young people have obtained their world news from the popular comedian Jon Stewart. This is also the case in professional wrestling as various superstars have been hosted over the years in different platforms such as Conan, Late night and also The Tonight Show.

When you see someone in the streets wearing wrestling clothes you laugh, right? Most people certainly do. Back in the 1990’s, the wrestling gear did not frown like the current world. Therefore the people wore these gears with pride and also the professional wrestlers were in the industry forefront. There was a T-shirt for the alternative fan called ECW, the now for the “rebellious” fan and the Austin 3:16 t-shirt due to the fact that Stone Cold was the best in wrestling. However, the current generation I the world does not consider is so col like the past times. Therefore people do not go around walking in John Cena swag or wear wrestling branded clothes.

However, there was this man called Hulk Hogan who was the real connection between the popular culture and the professional wrestling. Hulk Hogan taught children to take their vitamins and also say their prayers. Although many may have given up on these things, Hulk Hogan had an impact on the popular culture.

Music is also a major component in professional wrestling and has been evident from the 1980’s. Therefore, the golden age is known to have brought the wrestling and rock connection especially when Lou Albano acted in the Music video “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.” Up to today, however, professional wrestlers have found themselves connected to some capacity of music. Do you know that John Cena released a hip-hop album? Well, he did.

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