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Pro-Wrestling EVE: Wrestle Queendom Results


Pro-Wrestling EVE: Wrestle Queendom Results

London hosts the Biggest women’s event in the history of Europe

Pro-Wrestling EVE: Wrestle Queendom Results

Women continue to grow. Tonight, in the city of London (England), the independent company Pro-Wrestling EVE has celebrated the largest and most important women’s event in the history of Europe, Wrestle Queendom. The evening has been held at the famous York Hall and has had more than 1,000 attendees.

The event has received very good reviews from analysts and fans. Worldwide, Wrestle Queendom has been broadcast live on the FITE TV portal. Great stars of the international circuit such as Kris Wolf, Meiko Satomura or Kay Lee Rae, have participated in this show. It also highlights the debut in the United Kingdom of the legend of the Japanese fight Aja Kong and the celebration of a War Games style combat.

Below are the full results of Wrestle Queendom:

– Squad Goals (Laura Di Matteo, Emi Sakura, Addy Starr & Ria O’Reilly) defeat The Deserving (Jayla Dark, Jamie Hayter, Charli Evans & Blue Nikita) in a War Games style fight. Chaos and great spots on the part of the fighters. The audience reacts strongly to the jumps from the top of the cage. The squad takes the victory by applying multiple submissions on his rivals.

The event host announces, while dismantling the cage, that Pro Wrestling EVE is working with an association to create its own Hall of Fame. The aim of this project is to remember the great fighters of the history of the United Kingdom. The first person to be part of the “Hall of Fame” will be Klondyke Kate.

– Kris Wolf and Jetta draw in an individual fight. Both fighters are left with their backs on the canvas and the special referee, Erin Angel, makes a double count of three. As a result, both fighters are classified for the ladder fight.

– Nina Samuels defeats Kris Wolf, Jetta, Kasey Owens, Leah Owens, Millie McKenzie and Livii Grace in a ladder fight to WIN the EVE briefcase. Good combat with very dynamic action. Up to three stairs are used. The Owens sisters show differences during the fight. Leah quits the fight due to injury. In the end, Nina throws Kris off the ladder and takes the briefcase, which allows her to challenge the championship whenever she wants.

– Kay Lee Rae defeats Meiko Satomura in an individual fight. Great combat, considered by many the best of the night. Meiko controls the initial measures with her strength. KLR looks for the knee of its rival and manages to equalize the situation. Both fighters leave the finisher of their rivals. In the end, Kay Lee Rae gets to transition to Roll-Up for the count of three.

– Aja Kong defeats Viperin an individual struggle. The Japanese legend launches forearms and nudges mercilessly. Viper has great support from the public, but it is not enough. At 10 minutes, after a solid fight, Aja applies an Elbow Drop from the second string to the count of three.

– Charlie Morgan defeats Samii Jayne in the main fight of the night to WIN the EVE Championship. Spectacular fight to close the event. The good story told by champion and challenger. Charlie comes out strong from the start and looks for big impacts. Jayne, for his part, prefers mastery over canvas and padlocks to his arm, Armbar and Fujiwara.

The brawl is armed at ringside and Morgan ends up throwing himself from the top of the balcony over his rival. The fight continues and Morgan throws the champion on a table, but it is not enough. Jayne decides to enter a ladder in combat. Both fighters exchange blows on top, but Morgan manages to reverse and connects a super DDT raised from the heights for the count of three.

The public goes mad with the result. The new champion, through tears, raises her belt. The entire wardrobe goes to the ring and celebrates the victory with Charlie Morgan. York Hall is standing applauding.


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