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Real Reason Why Rusev Again Fight Against Undertaker


Real Reason Why Rusev Again Fight Against Undertaker

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These days there have been speculations of all kinds about why Rusev was chosen to fight against Undertaker next April 27 in Saudi Arabia, why it was deleted and why it was added again a few days ago. Some people say that it did not sit well in some members of the top leadership its tweet nothing more to know the combat, tweet that said: “Bury me softly”, although some say that the change by Chris Jericho in the card of the event was due to the fact that tickets that WWE believed were sufficient had not yet been sold, something totally false since WWE is never going to announce a fight to sell tickets and when they have sold them change the fight.

The decision to return to Undertaker vs. Rusev is only and only Vince McMahon, well known for changing his mind several times in the same minute, so do not take this fight for sure yet. The great wrestling guru, Dave Meltzer, said the following from his Wrestling Observer radio pulpit: “What happened is that they changed their minds. I think it does not really matter in this big event but Rusev should act as a face. ” Meltzer continued saying that WWE has a great ability to miss the great moments of the superstars and not make faces, however in recent weeks, we have witnessed how the songs of “Rusev Day” have been fading despite continuing to appear in Most weekly combats.

Chris Jericho is still being announced for the Saudi Arabia show as he will be in the 50-man Royal Rumble as planned from the start.


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