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Rey Mysterio talks about his possible return to WWE


Rey Mysterio talks about his possible return to WWE

Much of the WWE Universe awaits the moment in which Rey Mysterio returns to the company that took him to the peak of his career. The last hope was the inclusion of the game WWE 2K19, although, after that, everything remained static.

This year, Mysterio participated in two events with WWE: the Royal Rumble and the Greatest Royal Rumble, but for now, he is a totally independent fighter.

His next big events are not with WWE. One is on August 12 in the final of G1 Climax, and the other one is September 1 at All In.

A few days ago, at The Roman Show, he gave his opinion on a possible return to WWE, stating the following:

“Wow, I don’t know. Anything can happen. I did already two Royal Rumbles for WWE this year. So, if you happen to see me on a Raw or Smackdown and you want to see a certain match, then you already know. But if not, I am still going to be doing what I am doing out here in the wrestling independent scene.

Next month I’m out in New Japan to do another show for NJPW, I’m doing the Sept. 1 ALL IN event that sold out in 29 minutes, so there’s a lot of good things coming to the Chris Jericho cruise in Oct. and the Expo Lucha that’s on Aug. 30th and Aug. 31st in Las Vegas.”

On the historic event of ROH and NJPW on April 6, 2019 at the mythical Madison Square Garden:

“Ring of Honor and New Japan just made the major announcement with new Japan actually to Madison Square Garden where you’ve worked many times as well. I’m imagining that it was a huge, huge thing when you heard being a new Japan star as yourself as well being, having many tours, it must have hit you like, oh my God, Major. Congratulations to them.”

Taking into account the order of the events, his last participation would be in All In, so if his return would be finalized, it would be in the month of September. Will Rey Mysterio return to WWE this year?


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