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Rich Swann has been Acquitted of the Complaint of Domestic Violence


Rich Swann has been Acquitted of the Complaint of Domestic Violence

Rich Swann has been Acquitted of the Complaint of Domestic ViolenceAs already reported, WWE wrestler and former Cruiserweight Champion Rich Swann was arrested on December 102017. The fighter was arrested by police in Gainesville, Florida, for assault and illegal detention of an adult, charges that were imposed after a dispute with his wife and current partner Vannarah Riggs (fighter who works under the name of Su Yung). After that, Swann was suspended indefinitely by WWE because of his policy of “zero tolerance” in cases of domestic violence and aggression.

Pro Wrestling Sheet and PWInsider confirm that Swann will be cleared of all charges. Pro Wrestling Sheet details that, according to court documents, prosecutors have determined that there was not enough evidence against the fighter to move the case forward in the form of a trial, so they have asked that all charges be dropped. had against the former champion.

It should be remembered that Swann was arrested after arguing with his wife Su Yung on a car trip. According to Gainesville police reports, both were returning from an independent pro-wrestling event, where Yung had competed for Fest Wrestling. Swann would have criticized Yung’s performance and “would have started to get angry with her”. Yung left the car, taking advantage of the fact that he had reduced speed on 1500 East University Avenue, under his words, “fearing that the discussion would be over.” Swann would have shouted at her to go back to the car, but she would have refused and left.

The witnesses of the incident point out that Swann had gotten out of the car and grabbed his Su Yung by the arm and by the neck to put her in the car, while she asked for help. Another witness points to how Yung had hit the glass, looking terrified and trying to escape. Another witness points out that Swann left the car and crashed into a telephone pole after Swann had not put on the brakes. The police say that Yung was afraid because “sometimes he has a bad mood” and feared that the discussion would end in a physical confrontation.

After her arrest, Swann always denied that he had touched Su Yung and forced her to return to the car, saying it was on her own. After it came to light, WWE issued a statement, noting that in case he had been convicted, they could have fired the fighter:

“WWE has zero tolerance for issues involving domestic violence, child abuse, and sexual assault.After arrest for misconduct, a WWE talent will be immediately suspended.If you are convicted of such conduct, a WWE talent will be fired immediately. “

In the days after the events, Su Yung published comments in favor of her husband in their social networks, lowering the seriousness of the matter. Now that the charges have been withdrawn, Rich Swann could return to 205 Live over the next few weeks to compete on a regular basis. Although PWInsider and Pro Wrestling Sheet have contacted WWE to confirm the news, neither media has received a response for the time being.


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