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Riddick Moss returns during a NXT live event

Riddick Moss returns during a NXT live event


Riddick Moss returns during a NXT live event

Riddick Moss returned to the ring after 6 months out due to his tear in the Achilles tendon. He has done it at a NXT live event that was held in Jacksonville, Florida last Friday night. Moss attacked Matt Riddle violently to prove he has become stronger than ever.

Several attendees caught the moment when Moss attacked Riddle in the back. However, this did not end here, and that is that Riddle challenged his opponent to match at the end of the event. In a match described as “very good” by the attendees , The King of Bros achieved the triumph by applying his finisher.

This appearance could mean the return of Moss to television very soon. Remember that, before his injury, he was united to Tino Sabbatelli with more grief than glory. Both finally separated after chaining a series of consecutive defeats.

It was rumored that Moss was one of the superstars who liked more among managers because of his fighting style and that he could receive more prominence. The plans were put on hold due to the harsh injury that Moss suffered.


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