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Roman Reigns Accused of Buying Steroids


Roman Reigns Accused of Buying Steroids

Roman Reigns Accused of Buying Steroids

Roman Reigns could have a good problem if this story is shown. The WWE wrestler could be involved in a steroid purchase scheme at a gym in Miami, Florida.

Richard Rodriguez, owner of the Iron Addicts gym and was arrested in February 2017 for allegedly operating an international steroid buying and selling plot. According to Miami media, Rodríguez bought them in China and then distributed them in the United States, among other countries. With this business, the police report claims that he got more than 10 million dollars.

But this week, film director Johnny Bravo interviewed Rodriguez for a documentary and in it, Roman Reigns is accused. “One of them, in particular, is a very famous fighter with the name of Roman Reigns,” said the detainee in the video.

Rodriguez says he reached a plea agreement with the justice to talk about his whole plot and who was behind and clients. During the process, he was required to reveal everything about the matter, customers, merchandise, etc. Not only is Reigns among the most prominent clients, the famous actor, and producer, Mark Wahlberg, is also involved in this case.

Remember that Roman Reigns was already suspended on June 30, 2016, for violating WWE’s welfare policy. The company has not yet commented on this situation.


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