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Roman Reigns Breaks a New Record in WWE

Roman Reigns Breaks a New Record in WWE


Roman Reigns Breaks a New Record in WWE

Image Credit: WWE

Roman Reigns Breaks a New Record in WWE

Roman Reigns was crowned as WWE’s universal champion in SummerSlam and that was practically the exact moment when he was breaking a new record in WWE, a new record that John Cena had under his belt and of which curiously the fans are entirely to blame. Reigns surpassed John Cena as the superstar who generates the most revenue from merchandising.

People are going and we say this loud and clear because currently, the two superstars that sell more WWE products are two of the most booed, Roman Reigns and John Cena.

Two superstars that do not leave anyone indifferent and that generate all kinds of reactions from the loudest ovations to the most deafening boos and it is not that this happens in a particular city, not even in a particular country, this happens there where they step.

In Wrestlemania 33 it was made official that John Cena considered a part-time fighter, was the one that sold the most products and Roman Reigns among the full-time talents was the one that reigned in this market segment and that, as has been said by Vince McMahon himself on many occasions:

“It does not matter if you are applauded or booed, the most important thing is that the superstar generates a reaction in the audience that goes to the stadium and the important thing is that they go, either to applaud or whistle.”

John Cena increasingly spends time out of the company and it will be difficult if he wants to go back; On the other hand, Roman Reigns opens a new range of possibilities with the new arrival of The Shield on the screen which will make it even more popular if possible. “The Big Dog” hits the table, beats the 16 times world champion and makes it clear that “this is his field”.


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