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Roman Reigns Temporarily Suspended


Roman Reigns Temporarily Suspended

Roman Reigns Temporarily Suspended

Credit: WWE

In a news, LAST MINUTE the President of WWE Vince McMahon announced during the latest edition of Monday Night Raw that Roman Reigns is suspended temporarily after two weeks of behavior that disrespected the red mark.

It all started when the General Manager of the Raw Kurt Angle appeared and after talking about his fight for WrestleMania 34  reported that for the second consecutive week, Brock Lesnar was not present in the arena, thus avoiding the confrontation with Reigns, who immediately left very angry:

Reigns took a microphone and pointed out that it was not a surprise that Lesnar was not on Raw:

Then he went to the Backstage area where he vociferously claimed Vince McMahon for the privileges he gives Lesnar and the lack of respect he has for the other wrestlers and WWE:

McMahon was surprised by the abrupt look of Reigns and sent commercials:

After the commercials, McMahon was interviewed by Renee Young in Backstage and there announced the suspension of Reigns, although it is not known for how long it means “temporary” :

“Next week, Brock Lesnar will be here on Monday Night Raw and I assure you that Brock Lesnar will be competing for the Universal Championship at WrestleMania against Roman Reigns. You have my word. Roman Reigns has been temporarily suspended. “


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