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WWE News: The Rusev Day is everywhere, Lars Sullivan to Delete a Tweet


WWE News: The Rusev Day is everywhere, Lars Sullivan to Delete a Tweet

WWE News: The Rusev Day is everywhere, Lars Sullivan to delete a tweet, more

Credit: WWE

Rusev has earned a great opportunity at WrestleMania, but really the last thing we are publishing about him is not related to the strings. At the end of last month, he had with Pizza Hut after the company did not bring an order to his house.

Now we talk about something that is not related to his next fight for the United States Championship. Although in this case, it is not a bad thing either, it shows how the Rusev Day is everywhere, even in a restaurant that the Bulgarian recently attended.

There is no doubt that Lana’s husband is one of the most beloved wrestlers at the moment and many fans want the title to win in the great event. We will have to see what happens but every week receives the support of the public and this next Sunday not only will not be less but will be much bigger.

In fact, thanks to the fans, who have made their products for sale some of the most sold, has achieved this fight in “The Showcase of the Immortals”. It will be necessary to see if this support causes that it is able to defeat to Randy Orton, Bobby Roode, and Jinder Mahal to obtain the victory and the championship.

WWE forces Lars Sullivan to delete a tweet

Leaving aside his recent absence due to an injury, which prevented him from fighting for the NXT Championship in NXT TakeOver: New Orleans, it seems clear that Lars Sullivan is one of the main fighters of NXT. His stage in the development territory is being successful and he will soon have a great opportunity.

In the next PPV, he will fight for the North American Championship in a ladder fight against Killian Dain, Adam Cole, EC3, Velveteen Dream, and Ricochet. Therefore, we assume that you are not thinking of leaving the company. Still, taking advantage of April 1 (the April Prank Day), posted the following message on Twitter.

WWE forces Lars Sullivan to delete a tweet

It is an image and not the message itself because the company forced him to erase it. The same fighter confirmed it later.

Afterward, he already spoke about his future, mentioning his first chance opportunity clearly.

We will have to see if next Friday he gets to climb the ladder and pick up the championship.


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