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Rusev’s Shirt Becomes WWE’s Best-Selling Product


Rusev’s Shirt Becomes WWE’s Best-Selling Product

Rusev's Shirt Becomes WWE's Best-Selling Product

According to several American sources, the product that is currently being sold the most in is Rusev’s “Happy Rusev Day” shirt. The fighter has been promoting the product during the last weeks in the shows of SmackDown Live, house shows, and on social networks.

Then we leave you with the 10 best-selling products of the moment:

1) Rusev “Happy Rusev Day” Authentic T-Shirt
2) AJ Styles “The One Who Gets it Done” Special Edition T-Shirt
3) The Usos “Down Since Day One Ish” Authentic T-Shirt
4) AJ Styles “Untouchable “Authentic T-Shirt
5) Cold Stone Steve Austin” Santa Stunner “Holiday T-Shirt
6) The Shield” Shield United “Authentic T-Shirt
7) Seth Rollins” Burn It Down “Red Authentic T-Shirt
8) nWo Retro T-Shirt
9) Ric Flair “Stylin & Profilin” Authentic T-Shirt
10) AJ Styles “Untouchable” Red T-Shirt



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