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Rusev Unhappy with the WWE 2K19

Rusev Unhappy with the WWE 2K19


Rusev Unhappy with the WWE 2K19

Image Credit: WWE

Rusev Unhappy with the WWE 2K19

After the publication of the new official images of WWE 2K19 as well as the Superstar Ratings of some of the characters, Lana criticized the aspect that looks in the video game assuring that she has never fought with the dress or with the hair that shows in it. Although some fans have shown that he is wrong.

But it has not been the only one that has shown itself in disagreement with the game. So has her husband Rusev. In this case, the fighter does not refer to his attire or appearance but his Superstar Rating. It seems that he is not happy that he has only 84 and he has a clear reason why it is so.

The Bulgarian has received nothing but messages of affection from the fans who have not hesitated to ensure that his qualification is not enough.

Some suggest that it should be at least 86, others that should be 88 or 89. Some people even say that it should be 99 or 100. But would not it be exaggerated?

Finn Bálor is 85, Adam Cole is 80 and Braun Strowman is 89. Really, Rusev’s rating is not that bad either. Especially considering that he is not going through a great moment either while Bálor has been a stellar on Raw and a recurring rival of Bran Strowman whom he has even beaten on a hand-to-hand basis.



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