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Rush Wins His First Individual Tournament at CMLL


Rush Wins His First Individual Tournament at CMLL

Rush Wins His First Individual Tournament at CMLL


During the most recent function of World Wrestling Council (CMLL), a new winner of the Legend of Blue tournament was crowned. After having made the cyber tournament fight for the medal, Rush becomes the winner of this year after defeating Euphoria.

Rush eliminated Euphoria in the final moments after having been with his father Pierroth against him and Ultimo Guerrero. Other participants of the tournament were Mr. Niebla, Sanson, Mask Year 2000, Stranger, The Terrible, Shocker, Great Warrior, King Bucanero, Kraneo, Vangellys, Mysterious Jr. and Sorcerer. This year the tournament in tribute to Blue Demon counted only with fighters from the rough side.

This is the first time that Rush wins the tournament, being also the first individual tournament won by the ungovernable in CMLL. Rush received a plaque and a championship that certifies him as the winner, although at the end of the match he disrespected the plaque when he stepped on it and made fun of it. Unlike the Silver Legend tournament, Rush is not committed to defending his trophy next year.


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