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Ryback talks about CM punk, Vince McMahon and Rusev

Ryback Talk about


Ryback talks about CM punk, Vince McMahon and Rusev

Conversation with The Big Guy

opening up some of the following topics are below highlight
from the show.

According to Ryback, he has not missed so many things at full time, but he misses ” the boys”.

“I miss a lot of the guys, so it’s hard. I love watching them.
I told you I have a lot of friends there.” Ryback added, ”
it’s hard to watch from a competitive standpoint, but
I’m like, ‘I took myself out of there and I’m okay with that.”

The live back insisted that he had many friends of WWE
despite what the IWC believes. “The Big Guy” said that he recently Facetimed with Rusev.


“Rusev FaceTimed me the other day when I was at the airport and we just bulls–tted for like 15 minutes. And, yeah, it’s weird. I have some good relationships there with different people.”

Also during the podcast, Ryback tried to explain the recent situation laughed at Comic-Con’s “The Human Wrecking Ball” because fans of CM punk do not have fans in his line. As the story progressed, Ryback was last reserved for Long Island, New York Eternity Con, and his appearance was not advertised.

“We got it thrown together last minute. It was definitely an interesting ordeal… deal and ordeal.” Ryback exclaimed, “nobody knew I was f–king going to be there!”

When Ryback arrived at the venue and realized he was not being advertised, he wanted to escape from the planned appearance.

“My first instinct was just f – k, I would take a two – day vacation in New York and it is not advertised and it is like not signing … I always think everything really I really want to go well. “Ryback explained,” It’s just a feeling, I am going, someone will say something.”

 Someone said something and laughed at the expense of Ryback.

“I got the one CM Punk fan guy and I knew it was him and his wife walking by on Sunday and they were a heavyset couple, which is irrelevant, but not because they’re f–king marks. And the guy kept looking over at my table and I’m not advertised, nobody knows I’m there, and traffic, three or four people come over, two people, six, seven people come over, and then, you’re waiting five, 10, 15 minutes and it’s all dependent on when people see you, but it’s a constant flow of people in the two or three hours that you’re there. This guy happens to walk by when I had nobody there at the table and it happened… Tommy Dreamer is over there, Bubba Ray is over there. We all go through periods of when people are at your table or aren’t at your table. That’s what these things are, but this one guy is walking by and he’s looking over, belly laughing, just hunched over, laughing hysterically. And I’m just thinking, ‘I’d like nothing more than to get up right there and snap this motherf–ker’s neck.”

RyBack said that CM punk believes that CM punk hated him after asking Punk to stop gestures like “I want more feeds”.

“After I had been up there are started doing the ‘feed me more’ chants, Vince [McMahon] took away all my stuff, which I wasn’t allowed to do the taunt or anything and I was working heel the whole time.”

Ryback continued, “It was taken away from me, and everyone in the company knew it was taken away from me, whatever I am doing in all dynasty periods, ‘CM punk! CM punk!’ I believe, but when doing that, people were doing “to feed me more”. They never tried trying, but I remembered that it was a bit trivial. I was thinking at that time, but that was nothing. I was removing the boots, but I was changed, going to the gorilla saying “fk this” and coming back there, it left me away, it was mine . I ended it. And he said, “I was doing it before! And I’m going, you did not end it, I did, he was not happy, it really hates me It’s time to become like it. “


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