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Sami Zayn returns to WWE on Monday Night RAW

Sami Zayn returns to WWE on Monday Night RAW


Sami Zayn returns to WWE on Monday Night RAW

During the Monday Night RAW broadcasts held on the date, superstar Sami Zayn made his comeback after 9 months out of the company’s programming, facing Finn Balor for the WWE Intercontinental Champion.

Zayn appeared by surprise in front of the public of the Barclays Center, and it did not take long to ask an opponent to dispute a fight. Finn Balor was the one who answered the challenge, and the announcer confirmed that the match would be for the Intercontinental Championship that Balor won last night at WrestleMania against Bobby Lashley.

This match lasted about 15 minutes and ended with Balor applying his Coup de Grace to Sami Zayn in order to retain his title via pinfall. After the meeting, Zayn took the microphone and made a promo talking about how little he has missed appearing in WWE, messing with the company and the fans to call them the reason for the decline of wrestling.

Recall that Sami Zayn had to undergo surgery after suffering a rotator cuff injury after his fight against Bobby Lashley in Money In The Bank 2018. WWE had confirmed that Zayn had damaged both shoulders, so it was estimated time of recovery between 6 and 12 months after its operation. The return of Sami Zayn was announced in mid-December, but WWE did not promote it again later.


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