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Since yesterday, Two things were banned from WWE


Since yesterday, Two things were banned from WWE

WWE promised a “shake” of Raw in the previous episode. The audience data deserve such a revulsion, of course, according to the quality of the show. And besides, it would come directly from Vince McMahon. Well, yesterday came the day, and for now, the effects are not made too noticeable, although the McMahon in full promised to refresh the product. However, yes that certain concrete measures were taken since two things were banned.

The first was made visible during the Fatal 4-Way for an opportunity to the Raw Tag Team Championship. Lucha House Party stopped enjoying that advantage that offered them to have a third member always present during their matches. Rule criticized by The Revival, who even initiated a petition via Twitter for Baron Corbin to take action on the matter.

Thus, Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder are already the new challengers to the scepter that Bobby Roode and Chad Gable carry. Congratulated were shown by this act of justice.

And the second looks like more important a priori. Also within the context of the aforementioned point. Drake Maverick demanded Shane McMahon to fight for AOP for the tag team title since they lost title a week ago. But to Maverick’s stupor, “O’Mac” declared that “forced rematch” clause abolished.

As a result, that Fatal 4-Way took place. Yes, with Akam and Rezar as two of the participants. So, being punctilious, I would say that the new measure was not strictly complied with.

Since yesterday, Two things were banned from WWE

On the other hand, the truth is that WWE can hardly boast of having respected an essential clause in other disciplines. It is supposed to be included in the contract of any monarch if he stars in a minimally long journey. But it is only used if it fits into the story.

The recent case, the rivalry between Becky Lynch and Charlotte. Shane considered it “outdated,” even though in anyone’s eyes it is very logical. Dismissing it completely will certainly not please many fans and will diminish the credibility of the product.


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