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SmackDown Live: Paige loses his role as General Manager


SmackDown Live: Paige loses his role as General Manager

At this week Monday Night RAW on December 17, 2018, the McMahon family announced that they were now taking control of the WWE to shake things up and offer a better product for fans. Now, this new McMahon family start is good and bad for WWE fans.

If you were a fan of Paige as General Manager it’s pretty bad for you, because Shane McMahon announced at SmackDown Live on December 18th that Paige was losing her role as General Manager. An announcement that was made behind the scenes in front of the roster of the division who started a song “thank you, Paige”. On the other hand, Paige’s WWE adventure is not over as Shane has said she will have a new role.

What will this new role be? For now, neither WWE nor Paige have officially communicated on this subject. Paige only sent two GIF images to Twitter following the announcement to illustrate that she was not in the mood.


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