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Steve Austin Talks About Roman Reigns push


Steve Austin Talks About Roman Reigns push

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In the latest episode of Jimmy Trainer, Steve Austin came to promote the next season of the next Broken Skull Challenge. While he was there, Austin took the opportunity to talk about Roman Reigns and his push.

“I think Roman is a star and I think WWE needs to continue to go down the path they’re going with him. They don’t need to flip him heel just arbitrarily to make fans happy. I think Roman is a star.”

Rattlesnake praised Reigns and talked about the power of the stars he brought.

“Is there still room for him to learn and grow? Oh hell yeah. By leaps and bounds. He’s nowhere where he will be in three or four years.”

Austin also believes that Roman Reigns was a huge star in the attitude Era,arguing that domination would succeed in the massive competition it was known.

“You put that guy in the line up during the Attitude Era, with that roster of Hall of Famers, holy smokes. I think the guy could’ve been lights out because the competition was so hot, heavy and fierce. It was sink or swim. I think he would’ve thrived in the Attitude Era and right now, just with his looks, his size, his physicality, he’s gonna to be just fine and he’s gonna be a big star.”

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