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“Stone Cold” Steve Austin Recalls Some of his Best Moments in WWE RAW


“Stone Cold” Steve Austin Recalls Some of his Best Moments in WWE RAW

In a recent episode of The Steve Austin Show Unleashed, WWE legend “Stone Cold” Steve Austin spoke with Vince Russo’s excessive about some of the most memorable moments of his career at WWF / WWE for the 25th anniversary of Raw They put special emphasis on the use of vehicles. Then we leave you with the most outstanding statements, transcript courtesy of

Russo explained that the creatives had thought that, in an episode of Raw, Austin entered the stadium driving a beer truck, but they were not clear what would happen if finally that idea was carried out. According to the ex-writer, “the stars lined up” when they gave the truck keys to “Stone Cold”:

“I think it was one of those things that you cannot be 100% sure about when you write the story, because you do not know if there will be a Zamboni (the surname of the pioneer of this type of truck and the name given to them) in the stadium , so we had to keep this in mind, but when we got to the venue and saw it … the beauty of the moment was not the truck, but seeing you (Austin) leading you in . You had an image of being reckless, and you were on top of it. a Zamboni, not knowing what to do or who you’re going to kill, and that was the beauty of the scene … Anybody can write a script about Steve Austin driving a Zamboni inside the stadium, but the key is how you handled it. when the stars align … this is what happened that night. “

Another of the most acclaimed moments of the fans was when Austin crushed the car of The Rock with a Monster Truck. Austin explained the difficulties of the scene since he only had one opportunity to do it.

“I was about to drive the truck and had to go over the car. I looked at the person who estava driving me, the owner of Monster Truck, and explained that before the collision, had to speed up a little more for I asked ‘what happens if the jump goes wrong and we turn over?’ He replied ‘then you will have to enter (in the office of Vince McMahon)’ Suddenly, I hit the accelerator. thing that could happen, but everything was correct. “


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