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Dragon Gate Announces its own Streaming Platform Dragon Gate Network


Dragon Gate Announces its own Streaming Platform Dragon Gate Network

Dragon Gate Announces its own Streaming Platform Dragon Gate Network


Dragon Gate announced on Wednesday the creation of its own streaming service and content on demand “Dragon Gate Network”. The company joins in this way the growing trend in Japan to develop new video platforms. this time under the production of Gaora TV.

Dragon Gate Network will be launched on April 1, date from which fans around the world can register. No payment methods are specified at the moment or if you have support for different platforms such as Chromecast, Roku or Amazon TV. For now, the company has confirmed that the show that day, performed from the Sambo Hall in Kobe, will be available for free in its live broadcast and in the archive.

As for the subscription model, there will be two levels which can be accessed: a higher level for 1500 yen (approximately € 11.6 / $ 14.3) and another for 999 yen (€ 7.73 / $ 9.52). At the 1500 yen level, you will have access to everything the platform offers live events, the possibility to see the latest shows on demand, access to television tapings and Dragon Gate Studio (counting Prime’s interview segments Zone among others), in addition to the entire archive of classic events. The 999 yen version will only have the classic Dragon Gate library.

The Dragon Gate library will have an extensive catalog, from the most recent shows to the past of the company including content from its predecessor company Toryumon (although it has not been clarified if there will also be content from Toryumon 2000 Project or El Dorado). So far it has not been revealed whether it will have content in English or in languages other than Japanese.

In this way, Dragon Gate joins the rest of Japanese companies with their streaming platforms. Other companies that have launched with their own service have been New Japan Pro-Wrestling (New Japan World), DDT Pro-Wrestling (DDT Universe), All Japan Pro-Wrestling (AJPW TV), Big Japan Pro-Wrestling (BJW Core) ), STARDOM (STARDOM World), WAVE Pro-Wrestling (WAVE Network) or Marvelous.


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